11 January 2012

Small Haul

Clarins Bi-Sérum "Anti-Soif" full size product and sample.
I recently got a sample of Clarins "Bi-Sérum" (sample shown in pictures along side product). So far I'm loving this product. I've been wanted to try out a serum and I thought to myself, am I too young to use one? (I'm only 24!) Then I thought, sure prevention is better than cure. There were plenty of products in the shop for more mature skin so I opted to use the one I had already sampled.

Dry skin wrinkles more and I may not have dehydrated skin to the extent that it's just flaking off from the slightest bit of a breeze (yes slight exaggeration!). But I do have dry skin and so far I am loving this product (the few times I got to use it). Sure look at the sample.............it's TEENEY!

Benefit's Watt's Up!
Yes, a highlighter. I seen this product in a benefit brouchure I picked up when browsing and well today I couldn't resist! It blends lovely into my hand. the little buffer at the bottom you use to buff it in to yout skin. But to be honest I think I'd rather use my finger tips. (I'm sure the sponge tip would get MANKY!)

Lip Smoothie by Clinique, 06 "pink me up"
A good while ago I read about these on beaut.ie. Ever since I just never bought one........that post is offically 2 years old..........

That's how on top of things I am.....

This was the only colour that really "grabbed" me. Sure it even goes pretty well with my nail polish in that picture doesn't it?
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