25 January 2012

Skin care- maintaining moisture!

I have dry skin. It's not overly dry, but it's dry enough.
Having dry skin I am aware that I need to maintain as much moisture in it as much as I can. I'm not a huge fan of body butters as I tend to mainly use them only in certain areas. Lotions tend to be my potions regarding body moisture.

Moisture is the number one thing that anyone with dry skin needs. A good moisturiser and drink enough water. (And obliviously) maintaining a healthy lifestyle – this one I tend to struggle with from time to time. Recently I purchased a new moisturiser and serum (bought separately, but started using together). Clinique’s Moisture Surge & Clarin’s "HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase". I’ve wanted to try a serum for a while and haven’t heard about any particular one that was absolutely AMAZING! As part of a kris-kindle present I received a small sample size of the serum. Used it. LOVED IT.

How I even first encounter Cliniques "moisture surge", I got a sample of it in on of Clinique's "bonus time" where I received a make up bag and a few samples at Clerys Dublin. This little pot I got ages ago I really liked the texture of using it. I was using Cliniques "dramatically different" moisturiser which did the job just fine. But I just LOVED using this moisture surge gel. It just made my skin feel...."yummy". (Daft word to use to describe the feeling I well know! - but I honestly don't know how to explain it!) Some products can feel a little over powering and this doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy as previous products have left it.
So off I went and bought the two products.

Clarins "HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase"
As well as many of my beauty products, I purchased this at the airport duty free. (I can't remember the price!) To use this product give the bottle a little shake and apply it before moisturiser.
It soaks in to the skin quite quickly and isn't thick or anything. I tend to use this by bringing it down my neck as well.
(The sign of ageing on the neck can be a real tell-tale. I know I'm only 24, but prevention is better than cure!)

According to the Clarin's website:
"Itensive rehydrating serum brings a youthful vitality to extra dry, devitalised skin—even in the most extreme climates. Revitalising Omega 3 and Katafray Bark extract enhance skin’s ability to retain precious moisture—restoring comfort, softness and a youthful radiance. Alfalfa extract smoothes the appearance of premature wrinkles. Apply under your daily skin care. Suitable for skin in all climates."
It seems to be suitable for: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily skin. But not mentioning sensitive skin.

I really like using this product and I use it both day and night after I cleanse my skin. Just a quick shake and it's ready to use. (It has a visible separation in the liquid)

Clinique Moisture Surge - extended thirst relief
This moisturiser, has a gel like consistently and easily glides over the skin. I smooth this down my neck as well. For me it makes my skin feel comfortable and fresh. I using it especially after using my hot cloth cleanser (The Santurary). Although I've dry skin I do get an oily "T-zone" from time to time. Other "creamy" products are a little heavy on my skin that's why I like to use this product as it doesn't weigh down my skin. Whenever I've used previous products in the past I tend to put the product in the palm of my hand and mix between the two to spread out the texture before applying the lotion to my face. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Like I said previously this feels lovely on my skin. Florence from Florence and the Machine loves this moisturiser I remember from watching an episode of Xposé. Also read this online here.

What do you like to use on your skin?
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