13 January 2012


As part of Christmas presents I received minature cosmetics. From my friend Caroline she got me as well as other items these mini lip glosses!! These are only too cute! The colours are great and really pigmented.

17 Lip Glosses
These are prefect to put in your make up bag. If you are like me and are trying to down size your make up bag that you carry in your handbag for touch ups, these lip glosses are great sizes and you get souch a range of colours! You have clear, to peachy, to pinky to a red colour!

To suit all occasions!

OPI Nail Lacquer in shades"My address is 'Hollywood' ", "French Quarter for your Thoughts", "A-taupe for the space Needle" and "Honk if you love OPI"
My friend Clare got me these polishes. So far I've noticed they have great staying power. Great for when you go on holidays.

I've only tried the pink shade and it was just a quick job and it's lasting; Normally when I do a quick job on it it doesn't last the day!

My address is 'Hollywood'

These small products are really cute. But do you think they are worth buying
 Personally I would use them, but I'm also afraid of loosing them because they are so small! Not good if you tend to loose things...
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