03 January 2012

MAC Holiday Collection 2011 (Christmas collection) -a tad late I know!

It was that time of year again......

So, what I buy? Well so far I purchased an "Iced Delights lip bag" in the colour sultry. In the bag you get a small lip pencil in the colour "boldy bare", a lip stick in "I love Winter" and the lip glass in the colour" Deelight". These colours are lovely together. On my lips it looks like a slightly darker colour of my natural lips, but just a tad bit nicer (in my opinion).

All these colours are not limited edition and are avaliable in the normal range.

The collection retails at €37

The products on their own cost
Lip Pencil €14.00
Lip Stick €17.50
Lip Glass €19.00

So having a whole €13.50?
Don't mind if I do! :)

The lip pencil you get in the collection is not full size pencil, but it's a handy size to throw in your make up bag in your handbag!

lip pencil in the shade "boldy bare", a lip stick in "I love Winter" and lip glass in the shade "Deelight"

One thing I do love about my purchase is the little bag you get the products in. It's cute and I think it might end up replacing my penneys leopard print make up bag for my hand bag.

Another item I purchased was a brush set from the holiday collection. It was the "make me perfect mineralise" brush set, they are duo fibre brushes. They come in a clear bag like the lip products.

It has the brushes 187 SE, 130 SE, 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush and 282 Duo Fibre Shader Brush. The handles are glittery clear and "oh so pretty".
It retails at €57.

I LOVE these brushes. The 130 is my favourite! Great for applying foundation :)
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