23 January 2012

Applying make up on public transport....are you guilty of it?

Ever spent those few extra minutes in bed and thought "sure I'll put my make up on, on the train" (or the bus)

I've been guilty of this. Haven't we all? Of course I rarely use public transport now a days and wouldn't dare try to apply it while driving. I'd rather be late to be honest than cause an accident. Applying makeup in public seems to be frowned upon. I don't know why some people hate to see women applying their make up at those early hours of the morning on a train or on a bus. They are not causing any harm. Those extra few minutes in bed can help with the bags after all.

I do rather love my extra few minutes in bed
However I am always in fear of applying eyeliner and mascara when the train/bus is moving. The fear of ramming the mascara wand or the pencil into my eye is unbearable! One fear which leads me to quickly apply some in between stops where the vehicle idle.
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I remember when I was in college and when I used to get the train in to town there was this one woman on  the train who used to sit herself down in the corner and apply her make up. For some reason I have a thing about watching people apply their make up, it's relaxing. Maybe that's why I love watching people apply make up on Youtube.

The one thing anyone who applys make up on public transport is meeting someone you know. Of course you have to talk to them to avoid coming across as ignorant. Have you ever pretended to not seeing someone so you can avoid talking to them so you could finish applying that last bit of make up?
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