05 January 2012

Another Inglot palette......

Yes, months later, myself and Emma made our return to Inglot. This time it was the Inglot store in Jervis Shopping Centre in town. (We went to Dundrum last time!)

We coooed....we hawwwwed....

We both then decided to limit ourselves to just 5 eye shadows! We picked up our freedom system magnetic boards and started looking. I wanted to have a little bit of a more netural palette with a matte black -that was an essential for me. Like before we stuck to square pans.

Because of my mobile phone (cell) network - meteor I can opt in to getting some vouchers and save some money. I downloaded a voucher from their goodies website on to my phone and this intitled me to 20%  off at Inglot. (woo hoo!)

Here is what I got:

 Shades: 353, 34, 09, 433, 391
Here's some swatches:

353, 34,09, 433, 391
The above swatches are without any kind of primer. The pigmentation is excellent, especially the black (that's just one swipe of my finger on to my arm....AMAZING!)

If you read my last inglot post an have a better memory than me you'll notice that I got the same eye shadow twice. Number 34. (Serious dumb blonde moment!!)

Then I had an idea after taking my photo's to re-jigg the shadows!


All depotted


Notice the chunks of eye shadow I accidenty nipped off! :( poo!!

Now that's all left to me is to label them!

Have you got an inglot palette? What do you think of it?

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