31 January 2012

Suffering with a dry nose from a nasty cold....

I'm just getting over a cold.

And boy, has my skin been worn out. Especially my nose. Blowing my nose at least every 20 minutes (and sniffing in between) has made the skin around my nose RAW.

We all get it from time to time. Colds. Sudafeds, nasal sprays and Lemsips just couldn't stop it.

So what did I use to help with my crackly, dried up nose?


yes, I've too many tins of the stuff!

24 hours of rubbing my nose in the stuff healed it! I opted to use the Aloe Vera Vaseline or my superdrug knock off "the little green tin". I had a right aul shiny nose yes, but it was so worth it! I dolloped the stuff on at night and I keep rubbing a little on to keep the skin around it soothed.

Vaseline is great when you have dry lips or dry skin anywhere.
I remember back in school almost every girl carried a tin of vaseline in their pocket to keep your lips smooth. The tin I remember used to retail at one stage for 99c, but I think it may have gone up to €1.45

Oh do you remember the old packing we used to have? I'm sure there's a few tubs kicking about in a pound shop or two.
Image source
Could you imagine bringing THAT tub around in your handbag?


I noticed in 2011 the new packaging for Vaseline which looks a little bit more prettier:

Image source
 If you click image source underneath the image it will bring you to a web site which shows 10 ways to use Vaseline.

Go on...have a click....

I dare ya!

25 January 2012

Skin care- maintaining moisture!

I have dry skin. It's not overly dry, but it's dry enough.
Having dry skin I am aware that I need to maintain as much moisture in it as much as I can. I'm not a huge fan of body butters as I tend to mainly use them only in certain areas. Lotions tend to be my potions regarding body moisture.

Moisture is the number one thing that anyone with dry skin needs. A good moisturiser and drink enough water. (And obliviously) maintaining a healthy lifestyle – this one I tend to struggle with from time to time. Recently I purchased a new moisturiser and serum (bought separately, but started using together). Clinique’s Moisture Surge & Clarin’s "HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase". I’ve wanted to try a serum for a while and haven’t heard about any particular one that was absolutely AMAZING! As part of a kris-kindle present I received a small sample size of the serum. Used it. LOVED IT.

How I even first encounter Cliniques "moisture surge", I got a sample of it in on of Clinique's "bonus time" where I received a make up bag and a few samples at Clerys Dublin. This little pot I got ages ago I really liked the texture of using it. I was using Cliniques "dramatically different" moisturiser which did the job just fine. But I just LOVED using this moisture surge gel. It just made my skin feel...."yummy". (Daft word to use to describe the feeling I well know! - but I honestly don't know how to explain it!) Some products can feel a little over powering and this doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy as previous products have left it.
So off I went and bought the two products.

Clarins "HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase"
As well as many of my beauty products, I purchased this at the airport duty free. (I can't remember the price!) To use this product give the bottle a little shake and apply it before moisturiser.
It soaks in to the skin quite quickly and isn't thick or anything. I tend to use this by bringing it down my neck as well.
(The sign of ageing on the neck can be a real tell-tale. I know I'm only 24, but prevention is better than cure!)

According to the Clarin's website:
"Itensive rehydrating serum brings a youthful vitality to extra dry, devitalised skin—even in the most extreme climates. Revitalising Omega 3 and Katafray Bark extract enhance skin’s ability to retain precious moisture—restoring comfort, softness and a youthful radiance. Alfalfa extract smoothes the appearance of premature wrinkles. Apply under your daily skin care. Suitable for skin in all climates."
It seems to be suitable for: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily skin. But not mentioning sensitive skin.

I really like using this product and I use it both day and night after I cleanse my skin. Just a quick shake and it's ready to use. (It has a visible separation in the liquid)

Clinique Moisture Surge - extended thirst relief
This moisturiser, has a gel like consistently and easily glides over the skin. I smooth this down my neck as well. For me it makes my skin feel comfortable and fresh. I using it especially after using my hot cloth cleanser (The Santurary). Although I've dry skin I do get an oily "T-zone" from time to time. Other "creamy" products are a little heavy on my skin that's why I like to use this product as it doesn't weigh down my skin. Whenever I've used previous products in the past I tend to put the product in the palm of my hand and mix between the two to spread out the texture before applying the lotion to my face. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Like I said previously this feels lovely on my skin. Florence from Florence and the Machine loves this moisturiser I remember from watching an episode of Xposé. Also read this online here.

What do you like to use on your skin?

23 January 2012

Applying make up on public transport....are you guilty of it?

Ever spent those few extra minutes in bed and thought "sure I'll put my make up on, on the train" (or the bus)

I've been guilty of this. Haven't we all? Of course I rarely use public transport now a days and wouldn't dare try to apply it while driving. I'd rather be late to be honest than cause an accident. Applying makeup in public seems to be frowned upon. I don't know why some people hate to see women applying their make up at those early hours of the morning on a train or on a bus. They are not causing any harm. Those extra few minutes in bed can help with the bags after all.

I do rather love my extra few minutes in bed
However I am always in fear of applying eyeliner and mascara when the train/bus is moving. The fear of ramming the mascara wand or the pencil into my eye is unbearable! One fear which leads me to quickly apply some in between stops where the vehicle idle.
Image location
I remember when I was in college and when I used to get the train in to town there was this one woman on  the train who used to sit herself down in the corner and apply her make up. For some reason I have a thing about watching people apply their make up, it's relaxing. Maybe that's why I love watching people apply make up on Youtube.

The one thing anyone who applys make up on public transport is meeting someone you know. Of course you have to talk to them to avoid coming across as ignorant. Have you ever pretended to not seeing someone so you can avoid talking to them so you could finish applying that last bit of make up?

13 January 2012

Look using Naked 2

This is my look, "eyes of the day" otherwise known to the blogging community as "EOTD". My first one :)

I used the Urban Decays Naked 2 palette. So far loving this palette :)



As part of Christmas presents I received minature cosmetics. From my friend Caroline she got me as well as other items these mini lip glosses!! These are only too cute! The colours are great and really pigmented.

17 Lip Glosses
These are prefect to put in your make up bag. If you are like me and are trying to down size your make up bag that you carry in your handbag for touch ups, these lip glosses are great sizes and you get souch a range of colours! You have clear, to peachy, to pinky to a red colour!

To suit all occasions!

OPI Nail Lacquer in shades"My address is 'Hollywood' ", "French Quarter for your Thoughts", "A-taupe for the space Needle" and "Honk if you love OPI"
My friend Clare got me these polishes. So far I've noticed they have great staying power. Great for when you go on holidays.

I've only tried the pink shade and it was just a quick job and it's lasting; Normally when I do a quick job on it it doesn't last the day!

My address is 'Hollywood'

These small products are really cute. But do you think they are worth buying
 Personally I would use them, but I'm also afraid of loosing them because they are so small! Not good if you tend to loose things...

12 January 2012

Got a delivery today........it was rather Naked....

Door bell goes, I go answer the door. A man from "Nightline" is holding a package....from Debenhams.

It's here!



Here's what it looks like:

The lip gloss you get with it:

Urban Decay lip gloss in "Naked"

The shades are:

Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout


Foxy, Half Baked, Booty Call, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve

YDK, Busted, Blackout

 The Brush:

The packaging is lovely! It has a proper clasp. Where the orginal urban decay Naked palette was held close by a magnet. The only colour that appears in both palettes is half baked. The colour pay off is reall good in the more metallic eye shadows. For the shade "Foxy" I had to swatch it a couple of times in order for it to be  visable. I'm sure it will make a lovely all over base colour.

The lip  is nice and not too sticky and it seems almost refreshing on my lips (currently wearing it as I'm typing this up!)

I can't wait to do a look with it :)

-Did you get the Naked palette yet? Or will you get it? What are your thoughts?

Z Palette time!

A week before Christmas I visited London.
On that trip, -my misson was to visit a shop called "Precious about Make-up" and purchase a Z Palette.
When I reached the shop........they were sold out.

Then Twitter.........Beauty emporium tweeted about Z Palettes........

Bitta online shopping and just less than a week later they were being delivered to my house!


Well it's a palette that is designed to fit all shapes of eye shadows, blushers, bronzers - basicly any powder make up that is in a metal pan. You remove the pan from the eye shadow container (process known as depotting) and stick a magnet on the back and place it on the magnetic board on the palette to stick it on.

What you will need:
  • Makeup that can be depotted
  • Z palette
  • Straighteners
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Sharp knife (please be careful with this, you don't want to accidently stab yourself!)
  • Magnetic roll or small magnets
  • Time & patience (if doing a few eyeshadows at once)

 This  can be quite time consuming to depot the eyeshadow from the container, so don't try to do this when you are short for time.

  • First things first, you need a flat surface to do this. I used my kitchen table.
  • I plugged in my GHD and turned it on.
  • I cut a small piece of greaseproof paper (big enough to hold at least 2 eyeshadows).
  • While waiting for my GHD to heat up (doesn't take long) I removed the plastic insert from the eye shadow case using the sharp knife. There is a little line on the packaging, slide the point of the knife in it and "wiggle" it and the plastic insert shall pop out!
  • Place the plastic insert on to the greaseproof paper and on to the plate of the now hot straightener. Leave for a few minutes.
  • After a few mintues check it the bottom of the insert and if it is slightly "warped" then it's time to use the knife again. If it is not warped place it back on the straightener for another few more minutes.
  • Point the knife on the centre of the base and slightly push it up. From the heat of the straightener this will weaken the base and help melt the glue, thus causing the pan to separate from the plastic. Now the pan will be hot, so take care when handling it and do not to burn yourself!
(Silly me accidently got my finger stuck on to the melted glue and the pan was hot. Not fun!)
  • Place the pan to the side to cool.
  • If you wish to remove the label of the eyeshaow, place the orginal casing with the label on to the greaseproof paper on to the straightener. The glue will melt slightly and it will peel off quite easily. Stick the label on the back of the pan.
  • If you don't have small magnetics like me and just have a roll of magnet tape, cut enough off to secure the pan. Remove the little label to reveal the sticky part and stick to pan.
  • Place in palette!


Hey presto! -It's done!

Note: MAC's mineralise eyeshadow's do not fit in Z palette. It's not deep enough. Silly me didn't think to check it and I even depotted this any everything! poo!

mineralize shadows don't fit.....silly me had to learn it the hard way.... (magnet underneath to hold to palette)

Remember to keep your containers....you can bring them back to MAC shop or send them, every 6 items that you bring back you get a free lipstick....

Keep them for Back to MAC. I got 12 MAC containers now

11 January 2012

Small Haul

Clarins Bi-Sérum "Anti-Soif" full size product and sample.
I recently got a sample of Clarins "Bi-Sérum" (sample shown in pictures along side product). So far I'm loving this product. I've been wanted to try out a serum and I thought to myself, am I too young to use one? (I'm only 24!) Then I thought, sure prevention is better than cure. There were plenty of products in the shop for more mature skin so I opted to use the one I had already sampled.

Dry skin wrinkles more and I may not have dehydrated skin to the extent that it's just flaking off from the slightest bit of a breeze (yes slight exaggeration!). But I do have dry skin and so far I am loving this product (the few times I got to use it). Sure look at the sample.............it's TEENEY!

Benefit's Watt's Up!
Yes, a highlighter. I seen this product in a benefit brouchure I picked up when browsing and well today I couldn't resist! It blends lovely into my hand. the little buffer at the bottom you use to buff it in to yout skin. But to be honest I think I'd rather use my finger tips. (I'm sure the sponge tip would get MANKY!)

Lip Smoothie by Clinique, 06 "pink me up"
A good while ago I read about these on beaut.ie. Ever since I just never bought one........that post is offically 2 years old..........

That's how on top of things I am.....

This was the only colour that really "grabbed" me. Sure it even goes pretty well with my nail polish in that picture doesn't it?

08 January 2012

Help with drinking water?

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

Isn't that the number one thing that beauty guru's, dermatologists and pretty much everyone else mentions to consume in order to achieve healthy skin??

"Flush out the toxins"

I don't get to consume the recommended 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. It's roughly 2litres. When I'm in work I try to get my way through a 750mls bottle of water. I've no problem drinking it, but I suppose I must not be THAT thirsty!
Although water doesn't really have an exciting taste here's a little tip or two to encourage you to drink some more (if you're like me and get bored of it)

Image source
Yes, I'm being honest here. Not only will it taste nicer. But you'll forget you're drinking water! You only need a small bit of the stuff and fill the rest of the glass with good aul H2O!

Image Source

My dad isn't the greatest for drinking water. So what he likes to drink are flavoured sparkling water. (There's always a bottle of the lemon & lime in the house)

Or you could be a little more eco friendly

I found this website and seen bottles for €17.50.
If you're anything like me, and not remember to keep the bottles you can reuse these. A bottle of RiverRock water bottle (750mls) can retail up to €2! (Yes, rip off!)

Image Source

Let's say you buy a bottle of water a day for everyday you are in work for €2. By the end of the second week you would have spent €20 on bottles water. No only are you saving the environment, but you are saving a whole lot of money.

Plus, the bottles are pretty as well :)

One thing to note is to maintain the hygiene of the bottle and wash it out frequently and leave to dry.

I have dry skin, so I try to drink more water to help maintain the moisture in my skin. So I need all the help I can get!

07 January 2012

Bit of a product whore....

Finishing  a product I always feel so proud of it.

Proud as punch as one might say :)

I've had my Vichy Cleansing milk for quite a while now. It was an alright cleanser (but then again cleansing milks aren't really something out of a beauty routine to get excited about).

Will I replace it are you wondering? Yes, I probably will. But I want to start using up some of my products. Recently I stayed in my cousins in London and I discovered that she only has one cleanser and moisturiser (both from Simple).

It made me feel like a product whore.

I have a foaming cleanser, hot cloth cleanser, cleansing milk (the one nearly finished), Lancome's Bi Facial, cleasing wipes and Neutrogena Visibly Clear pads. (They replaced these with The Wave, when I found them in Super Quinn I stalked up and bought a load of them!).

I can't possibly use all these products. I tend to mix between using certain products and I'm never consistent with using just one product!

No 7 Quick thinking wipes, ROC cleansing mousse. Sancturary Hot Cloth Cleanser, Vichy Cleansing milk,
Lancome Bi-Facil and Forever living products, Aloe Eye make up remover.

Note: The reason why Vichy is upside down is because there's only a little bit left!
One thing I want to do is to try to focus on using up one product before moving on to my next one!
Not only will I not be wasting money, but I'll be saving space!

06 January 2012

Watch my lips, (because I love the lip gloss I'm wearing!)

I wasn't a huge fan of wearing products on my lips. (Not one's with colour anyway) until the last year.

Was a huge fan of Vaseline. I honestly have too many of those tins from the Vaseline brand and from superdrug. (Pink and Green tin) this also inculdes carmex and lip chap.


Progressing on to coloured lip balm and clear lip glosses. A Maybeline lip gloss in clear was one that I reached for out of any lip gloss in the shop.

Next stage: nude colour lipsticks with a slight shimmer.

Top: Dior Addict 260 Rose Deshabille
Smashbox "candle", MAC's Dazzle lip tick "smash hit", MAC's "pet me please", MAC's "quiet please",
MAC's "politey pink", MAC's "Creme d'Nude", MAC's "lustering", MAC's "Viva Glam, Lady Gaga"

Shimmery lipsticks/glosses were a great way of merging me in to the land of lip colours.

Now I can wear lip colours that stand out that I'm not ashamed of wearing, or that I can touch up with confidence.

MAC's "Creme d'Nude", MAC's "lustering", MAC's "Viva Glam, Lady Gaga", MAC's "I love winter", MAC's "Amorous"

I think I've become obsessed with lip products now. I infact have a little drawer in my little make up storage container labelled "lips". Where as before a couple of lip products kept blushes, bronzes and face powders company in my "face" drawer. Now there is enough lippy products that they deserve a whole drawer of their own! Lip sticks, glosses, balms, stains, Vaselines, pencils and lip prep +prime all have made it in to this little drawer.

Lip Pencils

In my little container
All products in container

I never thought I'd make up so many lip products. Ah sure does anyone ever think they would acummulate as much as they have? Now not all these products are one's that I absolutely love but there are some do that some more loving than others.

I think I might now have a problem......

05 January 2012

Another Inglot palette......

Yes, months later, myself and Emma made our return to Inglot. This time it was the Inglot store in Jervis Shopping Centre in town. (We went to Dundrum last time!)

We coooed....we hawwwwed....

We both then decided to limit ourselves to just 5 eye shadows! We picked up our freedom system magnetic boards and started looking. I wanted to have a little bit of a more netural palette with a matte black -that was an essential for me. Like before we stuck to square pans.

Because of my mobile phone (cell) network - meteor I can opt in to getting some vouchers and save some money. I downloaded a voucher from their goodies website on to my phone and this intitled me to 20%  off at Inglot. (woo hoo!)

Here is what I got:

 Shades: 353, 34, 09, 433, 391
Here's some swatches:

353, 34,09, 433, 391
The above swatches are without any kind of primer. The pigmentation is excellent, especially the black (that's just one swipe of my finger on to my arm....AMAZING!)

If you read my last inglot post an have a better memory than me you'll notice that I got the same eye shadow twice. Number 34. (Serious dumb blonde moment!!)

Then I had an idea after taking my photo's to re-jigg the shadows!


All depotted


Notice the chunks of eye shadow I accidenty nipped off! :( poo!!

Now that's all left to me is to label them!

Have you got an inglot palette? What do you think of it?

04 January 2012

NTM (Next Top Model)

America's Next Top Model logo
Image from google images
Ever watched the series "Next Top Model"? (Normally "America's", "Britain's", "Australia's" etc)
These shows are my guilty pleasure.
Currently on Living TV they have reached the end of cycle 16 in America's Next Top Model.
In the US they have completed cycle 17 (the All Star cast)

The shows creator, executive producer, host and head judge, model Tyra Banks, launched the original show in 2003.
"America's Next Top Model" was born.

The aim of the show was to find the "next top model" (self explanatory right?). Each week the contending girls take challenges, do a photo shoot or a video shoot. Early in the competition the girls receive a make over. (There's normally lots of tears and moaning from at least one contestant in the show -quite a good episode) Each episode shows an elimination of one contestant. Some episodes shows a double elimination or sometimes the judges skip the elimination.

There's bitchiness, drama and break downs -well what else would you expect from a bunch of girls living together for a couple of weeks. They are bound to rub each other up the wrong way. Of course there are those few models that you can't forget.

It is a highly successful show in America and the popularity of the series is universal. It has reached many countries all over the world, being shown in over 170 countries world wide including Australia, Canada, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Lithuania, New Zealand, Philippines and United Kingdom.

There has been adaptations of the show AlbaniaAustraliaAustriaBelgiumBosnia & HerzegovinaBrazilCanadaChinaCroatiaDenmark • Estonia • FinlandFranceGermanyGhanaGreeceHungaryIsraelItalyKazakhstanMaltaMexicoNetherlandsNew ZealandNigeriaNorwayPhilippinesPolandRomaniaRussiaSerbiaSlovakiaSloveniaSouth KoreaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandThailandTurkeyUnited Kingdom & IrelandVietnam

(Links from Wikipedia)

The prize for the winner is normally a contact with a top modelling agency, the cover  and a spread in a fashion magazine, a contract with a make up brand..........how else can a model get a better jump start to their career?

Winners of the past cycles

Cycle 1: Adrianne Curry

Image from google images

 Cycle 2: Yoanna House

Image from google images

 Cycle 3: Eva Marcille (formerly Pigford)

Image from google images

 Cycle 4: Naima Mora

Image from google images

 Cycle 5: Nicole Linkletter

Image from google images

 Cycle 6: Danielle Evans (now known as "Dani")

Image from google image

 Cycle 7: Caridee English

Image from google images

Cycle 8: Jaslene Gonzalez

Image from google images

Cycle 9: Saleisha Stowers

Image from google images

Cycle 10: Whitney Thompson

Image from google images

Cycle 11: McKey Sullivan

Image from google images

Cycle 12: Teyona Anderson

Image from google images

Cycle 13: Nicole Fox

Image from google images

Cycle 14: Krista White

Image from google images

Cycle 15: Ann Ward

Image from google images

Cycle 16: Brittani Kline

Image from google images

Cycle 17 (all star cycle) has been showed in the United States (and of course the winner you can find out online who it is) it's due to start to be aired on Living TV in a matter of weeks. Incase anyone doesn't want to know the results before the show is aired I'm not putting it up on here.


Tyra Banks although dramatic she is an inspiration to all the contestants. She knows what it's like to be a model and how the world of modelling works. She never sugar-coats anything for them. She is a driven business woman who encourages models and models-to-be. She is famous on the ANTM show for quoting "Smiling with the eyes" or shortened version "Smize" (she shortened for cycle 13). And looking for a "fierce" look. She wants to push the boundaries of typical model beauty and looks. From that she created "America's Next Top Model".

Tyra is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world's most influential people by Time magazine.

She has her own film and television production company Bankable production. It's projects include America's Next Top Model (2003–present) & The Tyra Banks Show (2005–2010).

She's even written a novel "modelland", which was published in September 2011 which is said to be based on her own similar experience in the modelling world. In 1998 she was the named author of "Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out".

Image from http://modelsss.blogspot.com/2011/04/tyra-banks.html

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