31 December 2012

2013 - A New Beginning

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!!

I certainly did. Of course it's that time of year that we are all thinking of New Years Resolutions. There's one thing I'm focusing on this year that is my health and fitness. I've definitely let myself go this Christmas and well I had been for a little while.

On twitter a conversation came up between myself and a few bloggers/tweeters. We've talked about motivating each other and talking about how we get along. Using the hash tag #ThinThursday we will update each other on how we are getting on and help motivate each other. Loosing weight isn't easy and sometimes you need to talk to someone who is going through what you are to understand.

To help motivate myself I've started following some new youtubers.
Carly Rowena and The Lean Machines for some exercise inspiration.

Foodwise? Well I'm going to go back to Weight Watchers Pro Points way of thinking and recording what I'm eating, increasing my fruit and veg intake and just making better decisions overall. I've done this before, in 2011 and lost 17 pounds. Because I didn't keep up with eating healthy and not getting enough exercise the weight has crept back on...This time I want to get back down to that weight and maybe a little more. I'm not going to bang on about it too much but I just wanted to give ya's a little update :)

I'm not planning on updating you every week. But maybe once every few months? Like every 8 weeks? I'm going to go back to hot yoga and Zumba for exercise the youtube videos will keep me going when I can't go to the classes for whatever reason that would be, shift work etc.....hey life sometimes gets in the way!

What are your new years resolutions?

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20 December 2012

Review: No7 Fanomenal Lashes

If any of you don't know already I won a competition on beaut.ie which was for a No7 Foundation match up and a No7 goodie bag.

The packaging of this mascara is in a silver metallic tube. It looks quite suitable for Christmas, even though it is not a Christmas product.

The bristles on this wand are quite small and help add product onto the lashes. This helps my lashes appear thicker and fuller. I find that my lashes can sometimes appear a little clumpy when I apply this. In the photo I took of myself wearing the mascara....I thought it looked like I was wearing false eyelashes for a second. But literally only for a second. The formula is quite a wet one. We all know someone that prefers a drier formula. This is something I'm not that fussed by - however it does take a little while to dry as I once sneezed after applying mascara and it was dotted all around my under eye and eye lid. - Shexy!

My lashes especially on the left look HUGE! In the above photo I don't have any liner on my top lashes and only benefit eye bright on my water line.

The mascara sits well on my lashes and they don't feel like they are dry and crispy. On my mixture of 9, 10 and 12 hour shifts I've worn this mascara and it lasts the whole 12 hours during my shift with out mascara flaking off.

To be honest I normally prefer a slightly bigger wand but I am happy with this mascara.

Have you tried a No7 Mascara before? What did you think?

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16 December 2012

Not just for Christmas...

All my friends know I am a huge animal lover.
I don't remember mentioning before about the pets we have at home. I grew up having pets in the family. dogs, cats, guinea pig, goldfish and even a pet mouse (although I don't remember him!)
At the moment, at home we have 2 pugs (Podge and Buster) and a cat (Pebbles)
As animal lover I know the responsiblity it takes to look after an animal. This christmas I hope those that are planning on getting a pet for christmas please think about what you are taking on. This is another life who needs you to look after them. These need to be fed, to be walked, to be played with, to have their bellies rubbed, to be taken to the vet when needed and most of all they need to be loved.
The above "Canine Commadments" don't only go for dogs, but for all animals.

At Christmas time many pups and kittens and other baby animals will be given as presents  to someone's loved one. At the time they are great presents but many people feel a few weeks or months down the line that they are not capable to look after these pets. Many times these animals are left tied up at the side of the road or outside supermarkets. This is unfair to the animal. They think they've found a home and to be left alone, tied up. This is just cruel. So please think about getting an animal.

I found this picture on the dogs trust facebook page...it shows what happens when people don't think it through...

If you are thinking of getting someone a pet or if anyone you know is please please please make sure you or they know what kind of commitment it takes to look after an animal.

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11 December 2012

Review: www.babyshower.ie

If any of you follow me on Twitter or like Madames Made Up on Facebook, you might have noticed I mentioned about doing a baby shower for two friends of mine. Yes, a highly american thing to do but a fun thing! For my friend in work I got some stuff for the shower. For the second one I bought presents. :)

Doing some research online I came across a website www.babyshower.ie. I was instantly interested. 2 working days delivery? No problem. I ordered on Saturday morning with my total coming to €80.91. Because I spend over €75 I got free delivery. I wanted to see what I was getting for the first shower to see if I would be interested in purchasing anymore items for the second shower.

My first baby shower was happening on the Wednesday after my purchase.

So what did I purchase?

x1 Mum-to-be sash €4.99
x2 Baby Shower balloons €5.98 (€2.99 each)
x1 Delux Nappy Cake (yellow) €44.99
x2 Baby Prediction Cards €9.98 (€4.99 each)
x1 Baby Napkins €4.99
x1 Party plates €4.99
x1 Party Cups €4.99

By Tuesday I still haven't received my products. I had a day off from work that day so was at home pretty much all day. Tuesday night babyshower.ie emailed me:

I thought this to me a bit odd as I was at home all day and so was my mum. Wednesday morning I made sure I was in the house. 10:25am came and my mum came into my room with a yellow piece of paper. Mum knew I was expecting a delivery. She seen a man in a high-vis walk by our house she ran out of the house as he drove off and he stopped at  the other side of the estate. Mum shouted over "Do you have a parcel for me?". The man replied "yeah I left it at the side of the house". I've received many parcels from online purchases and if there was any difficulty they'd ring the door bell or ring the contact number which would have been my mobile number which had to be given to complete a purchase on babyshower.ie.

Mum said to the gentleman "you didn't even ring the door bell"..."oh I did" he replied "for 10 mins". - Yeah right! I would have heard the bell, my mum would have heard and  the dogs would have went mental because my door bell is quite loud!
The yellow slip that was posted said that permission was given to place at the side of the house. - Again, what a load of bull. My mum was less than impressed, given that it's coming up to Christmas and a lot of people are having Christmas presents bought from online being delivered to their house. A burglars dream!

Fastway.ie I'm not impressed!
So mini rant over.

What did my purchases look like?

The sash was great, kinda obvious who was the moma-to-be but I really liked it! I think it looked really cute on the moma-to-be!

The balloons great as they were it cost me €4 each to have them blown up in my local florist. Did I just spend €7 on each balloon? My local florist doesn't have a great selection of balloons. For my dad's 60th I wanted to get him a balloon, but he ended up getting a balloon with a dinosaur on it.

I loved the prediction cards - great idea! I forgot to take photo's of the cards but I seriously loved them. Great fun. I wonder how close I was in the prediction!

If I was to go back in time with some cop on I would have just bought napkins for €1 in tesco for 100 napkins.

Paper cups and plates I could have bought at the pound (or euro) shop, but the one's I got were lovely! The plates were pretty and quite big they held a lot on them.

The nappy cake. This is an image taken from the website babyshower.ie
Probably the one thing I was quite excited about seeing. And the one thing I was most disappointed with. The above image I've taken from the website. Here's a photo of my nappy cake as  I received it.

It was tilted to the side, and it looked tiny! I know there's photo's online but for €44.99...it seems like a bit expensive. I know nappies (or diapers to you USA people!) are expensive but still! I think for the second shower I could do just as a good job on a nappy cake. I can always try it out!

I was talking to a girl in work who has a 2 year old her and for her babyshower she got a nappy cake from www.nappycakes.ie so of course I had a little look on the website...

They are quite cute, but to be honest I think if there's going to be one at a shower I attend I 'll be making it myself.

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09 December 2012

Make Up Forever deal Dublin

Morning! I'm in work (not so) bright and early. In my daily deal-like emails (which to be honest I hardly ever read) I found a deal for Make Up Forever.

What the page the deal is on that looks like

You can buy vouchers, €9 for a €20, €19 for €40 or €29 for €60. AMAZING DEAL OR WHAT?! Seriously get over to www.grabone.ie to avail of this offer! Now I just have until Jan 30th 2013 to spend my €29....ahem actually €60!!!

There's just over 17 hours right now (at present of typing this post) left to purchase this product....(yes I was number 26 to buy this!)

Just sharing the make up deals love X

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08 December 2012

The best of 2012: The products to have!

I've tried to find some products, are must haves. One's that stand out from the rest. So I've tried to limit to one item per section.

Here's my best of 2012.


Review: Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. An amazing medium coverage foundation that leaves a demi matte finish but doesn't dry out the skin.


I've never really mentioned this mascara before on the blog. It made a brief appearance in one of my make up looks. It's my first product from the brand UNE and I quite like the mascara. I felt it was lengthening more so than a voluminous look. Gives great definition.


Review: Rimmel Wake me up concealer
Rimmels wake me up concealer is really good for under the eyes and for some blemishes. Wakens up your look (hence the name) and lasts for up to 12 hour shifts!


The only reason why I don't like MSF as of this morning
If you read my blog regularly you might have noticed my little rants about MAC's MSF (mineralise skin finish). Of course the only curse about this product is the packaging. But great powder and you don't feel too cakey!

Eye shadow primer


Having oily eye lids is no fun at all. Thanks to primers, especially urban decays one, I can actually wear eyeshadow with no worries of it creasing and smudging away. Of course they come in different shades but i only have the original one.

Eye Shadow

Got delivery today it was rather naked

The Urban Decay Naked series is only gorgeous. The neutral palettes allow for make up looks to suit all occasions. The Naked 1 palette is a more warm toned neutrals while Naked 2 offers cooler toned shadows. Great pigmentation with countless looks. You can mix the two palettes together to even get more looks.

Brow product

I've done a post before on what I fill my brows in with. Catrice is one that I've discovered since in "Starlight Espresso". It's perfect for my brows and it's quite cheap which is always an added bonus! I go between catrice and clinique instant brow lift.  Both great products.

Eye liners

How to: Big Bright Beautiful Eyes
Benefit's eye bright is a pale pink liner that I love to use on the water line.


Bourjois blushes are amazing value. I've only two of their blushes in similar shades - different finishes. Handy little pot to add a little colour to your cheeks.


My first and only NARS cheek product so far. This I suppse is technically a blush but the colour payoff is minimal but the highlight is gorgeous. It has a very slight shimmer that makes the skin appear to be glowing.


You all know how much I love Real Techniques

It's not anything new that I love Real Techniques brushes. But the buffering brush is the brush to have for foundation application in my opinion.

I love the sigma brushes for appling foundation, my favourite is the F80, flat top brush.

Lash curlers

It's something I won't do if I'm in a rush. But a must for a night out. Want to hear something funny? I only really need to curl one eye (my left one). These come with a replaceable silicone pad. And guess who can't find theirs? I wonder if Shu Uemura has ones to buy as replacements I really doubt it.

Cleansing products

I've been loving hot cloth cleansers lately. I'm in the middle of using my Soap and Glory one.


I'm loving the muslin clothes with these cleansers. My skin feels amazing after! The only thing about these cleansers is I don't like to use these for removing eye make up....because the cloths end up ruined! But what I do like to use to remove my eye make up is Bio Derma!

I seriously love this product. (Yes, I've the 500mls container). When I was in Nantes I purchased this. And well I got one for my friend Emma in work, one for mum (she doesn't know what Bio Derma is, but she thinks "it's grand", my visiting aunt loves it!) and I also got 2 for me. Yes, I got 2 litres of the stuff, first thing in the morning and had carried it around for a few hours. I know, silly Celeste.

So these are my favourites of 2012. What are yours?

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07 December 2012

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I've just come to the end of my favourite "drug store" or "high street" foundation. So I thought it was worth a mention in this blog.

This yellow toned foundation gives medium but buildable coverage. Helps even out  skin tone and doesn't dry out my skin. 16 hours wear? Well it does last all day for me. (And I do up to 12 hour shifts in work!) It gives a demi matte finish (like I mentioned doesn't dry out my skin). I love the tone of this foundation as it isn't too yellow toned. I find that any redness I would have, especially around the nose area and any blemishes that are not that bad I don't have to use too much concealer. (I am warm toned and as told to go for NW in MAC foundations which are slightly pinker- these are great but the slightly yellow tone evens out my skin tone)

The packaging is great. It's plastic so it is not heavy in the bag. Inside the lid is a pump and the product is pushed from the bottom of the container towards the top.

I find a pump and a half does me just fine. I've often used this for a night out. When I go out normally, I tend to use my more high-end foundations. But this one is an exception. I find myself picking this out of my foundation box over and over again.

To apply this foundation I prefer to use something like a sigma kabuki foundation brush or my real techniques buffering brush.

I have the concealer to match this foundation which is nice and creamy - a great combo!

In the mean time I've bought Bourjois "Flower Perfection" foundation which I've yet to even open!

Have you tried Healthy Mix? What do you think of it?

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02 December 2012

The importance of packaging # 3

The packaging of a product is hugely important for me. It can frustrate me to no end about how silly some are. 

My first mini rant on cotton buds or "Q tips"  (that would be number 1) as my American cousins would say I tried to fix the problem. I now no longer use a sandwich bag for them I use the make up bag I got in the MAC christmas collection last year.

And my beloved MAC's MSF and it's stupid packaging (number 2)! Now here's another (mini) rant.

Today when going to apply some of my smashbox primer

(prepare yourselves for a really old picture

from one of my first blog posts)

This was in a post where I showed you what products I got in my local pharmacy for €10!

This primer I really do like it, I don't use it enough. I suppose it's because it was a tenner and I'd have to pay full whack for it and I'm just trying to save it.

The only thing is ... I find that it's quite hard to get product out of the bottle. The pump works, but the product is all around the perimeter of the bottle. I find myself using the tube to scrape the primer the pumping action won't reach and rolling the tube with the primer just to get enough for an application. Although this works for now, but what happens when there's less primer and the tube won't reach it? I know Smashbox have fixed this problem with the new packaging....d'ya think they'll swap the old packaging for the newer one? (I doubt it!) 

I suppose I shall have to buy the newer packaging, it would be so much easier. I now just have to find somewhere that sells smashbox as I think my local pharmacy no longer stock it....well it has been a while...I might just pop over on my next day off!

Do you have any products who's packaging annoys you?

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01 December 2012

The wonders of oil....


I've just read a very interesting post on olive oil and some of it's beauty uses!! I'm so tempted to have a bath in it!

You can read the post here on Munchability 

Happy reading!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

30 November 2012

How to: Big bright & beautiful eyes

There's some products I absolutely love to use. Not together as they pretty much do the same job. They instantly waken you your eyes, make them bigger and in my opinon freshen up your look. These pencils can also be used as bases.

What are they?

White or pale eyeliners.

I love to use these on my water line to brighten up my eyes. You can use this product on the inner corner of their eyes and under the brow, add a little light toned eye shadow to set and your done.

If you've looked at a few of my looks of the day you might have noticed I like to wear a lighter eye liner on my water line - infact I'm a huge fan of it! You can use skin toned eyeliner that has the same effect, but I personally like the more noticeable colours as I think they last longer on the water line.

I won't skim on this milk..
The pale pink of benefit's eye bright is good for those days then your not as tired. MAC's fascinating or NYX jumbo eye pencil in "Milk" is great when you are feeling worn out tired and you might have slightly puffy eyes. I've gone through 2 pencils already and nearly half way through another one of my benefit eye bright. From time to time also use rimmel soft kohl in "white".

(I know creative name for the shade)

The rimmel doesn't have great staying power but it does the job. Bring the pencil out with you for a little touch up every now and again.

Do you use white pencils on your water line?

If you do what ones do you use?

Thanks for stopping by :)

28 November 2012

Review: Rimmel - Wake Me Up Concealer

Rimmel brought out a new range of foundations, "Wake me up". I bought the concealer.

The last concealer I purchased from Rimmel (back in 2007-2008) was the Rimmel Recover concealer....and it was rubbish. I've also tried hide the blemish concealer when I was about 14...when I didn't really understand what to do with it as I had much better skin than I do now!So I was a little apprensive in trying this concealer out.

I swatched it in Boots. Creamy, smooth coverage seems pretty good....hmm...yes I think I will try this one out. Shade: 010 Ivory.
I've been using this concealer for a good while now....and...I LOVE IT.

It's an amazing concealer for under eyes and general skin imprefections. It's creamy and easy to blend. It states on the tube, that the concealer is a full converage concealer - this I wouldn't 100% aggree with. Yes, good coverage but I think a slightly thicker consistantly would offer more coverage. How does it last? Well Under eye area  no problem at all. Spots / imprefections well my test run's inculde working 12 hour shifts and well I think it does a really good job of concealment. It brightens the area and helps to give me a more waked up appearance.

Great concealer, quite comparable to Collection 2000...or "collection" as I believe the name is now. Collection however has slightly better coverage!

Amazing concealer for an amazing price.....d'ya think I remember? Feck no! I'm like a gold fish! So I've looked up online how much this costs. Apparently Boots is getting a high volume of traffic and Rimmel's website doesn't mention RRP of their products! So I wake me up on ASOS.com and their price was €7.63 now €5.33. But hey, your local pharmacy might be a few yoyo's more or less!

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24 November 2012

Show me your angle on REAL TECHNIQUE(s)

Yes, more Real Techniques brushes but since I loved the contour brush and the buffering brush from the core collection I decided to go and buy some more brushes from the range.

I've bought the blush brush, the angled foundation brush and the powder brush. (Yes, at the time there was an offer, 3 for 2 in boots) - like my mother I love a bargain. "Sure it was only..."

So let's have a little look at one of the brushes - the angled foundation brush.

Since I wasn't impressed with the pointed angled foundation brush mainly because of the size I had better hopes for the angled foundation brush -which is a lot bigger. Like the core collection is has light goldish colour aluminum ferrules with the base being black. The base is much wider and it has a flat bottom to help the brush stand on it's own. The hairs on the brush, like the rest are taklon bristles. Yes, animal friendly! (wahoo!)

So how does it apply the foundation? It does a good job! It's all down to the bristles. It doesn't absorb the foundation like previous brushes I've had. Washing it I noticed it doesn't shed (a couple of washes that is!). The make up is applied quickly and you are left with a great finish. I've used this brush on a couple of foundations and I've been happy with the results every time. My skin looks great and although I love the buffering brush, this is one of the best "paddle" like brushes I've used in ages!

Have you tried the real techniques by Samantha Chapman?
The angled brush or any other brushes? What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)

23 November 2012

Review: Estee Lauder: Night Repair

For the few months I've made an important addition to my night time routine. A night serum. I was a huge fan of Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase and of course as a beauty blogger I like to try out new products. In March I was out shopping and not planning on buying this product I found myself at the Estee Lander counter in Debenhams and it wasn't until my friend mentioned it and the sales assistant started showing me this little brown pot of wonder.

Consider the product sold to me in less than 30 seconds!

Of course you can use it at night time (hence the name - night repair) just after cleansing, before your night cream.You can use this also in with your foundation for an added glow The sales assistant demonstated this to me and it looked great. I recently mixed two drops into some hand cream (L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream to be precise) and rubbed it together and rubbed it on my hands just before I went to sleep and my hands felt amazing after! So soft and it just like new skin on my hands. The assistant at the counter also showed that this is quickly aborbed into the skin helping it maintain it's moisture so it doesn't dry out during the night. You of course follow with your night cream. My current choice is by No7.

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream | Normal / Dry
I've gone through a 30mls container and I 've started on my 125mls (travel exclusive size) and I'm nearly half way through the bottle. I've kept my 30mls bottle for when I'm just travelling with hand luggage only and I'm away for two nights and top it up as required. This product is used every night as part of my routine. Because I have dry skin I really want to look after it. Dry skin ages faster than oily skin, therefore I want to keep my skin lush! Prevention is better than cure!

This serum is designed for all skin types and tones - so no one misses out! 

I would really recommend to anyone to use a serum. The difference in your skin is amazing, if you are going  to buy this product I would recommend trying out the smaller size and if you love it and know someone  that's flying somewhere to buy the bigger size of the bottle for you. Remember Dublin Airport's The Loop does a shop and collect service. Plenty of other airports do this service as well like Heathrow Airport.
"If you are travelling within the UK or EU you can use our free Shop & Collect service to buy when you depart - then pick up purchases when you return. Just tell staff in store when you make your purchase and they will arrange to have everything waiting for you at a convenient collection point in arrivals. No more lugging everything along on your travels." - Heathrow Airport Shop & Collect service

I bought my travel sizer 125mls in London Gatwick Airport for £66! In Dublin Airport is is just less that €96! We the exchange rate you can save a bit - so shop around! Christmas is coming up so keep an eye out!

Do you use a serum? Have you ever tried Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair?

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22 November 2012

Black Friday at The Body Shop

Here in Ireland we don't celebrate thanksgiving (of course it's an American thing!)

...but there is one thing I am thankful for ...

Yes, tomorrow on Friday the 23rd of November you can get 30% off in the body shop!!

Need some inspiration on what to buy? I think I've an idea what I want to look at when I'm in town tomorrow!

What are you buying for your loved ones for Christmas??

Thanks for stopping by :)
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