30 December 2011


Why do I want to write about make up/ beauty?

Why do I even like make up this much? (stretches arms out a much as I can)

Well some people might think "cause it's an improvement on what you have"


"cause you're a dog without it"

Well........I wouldn't entirely disagree with these statements.

But one thing I do love about using make up is the creativity and fun you can have with it. You can change the way you precieve yourself. No, I don't mean lie to yourself, but I believe it can give someone a little bit more confidence to go about their day to day duties. Some people might in fact use make up as a  mask. Something that they'd feel naked without. I think the most important thing about being comfortable wearing make up / cosmetics is to be able to be comfortable in your own skin.

My favourite look, using make up is when you wear the smallest amount so that you still look like yourself. A bright red lip although can look stunning and elegant (when done correctly and not the joker from batman look) we all know that no one naturally has bright red lips of that shade. We wear these products on our lips for some fun or to enhance the look of them. (If you got it, flaunt it!)
And no one, certainly no one, has flawless skin. We all get blemishes. We all need a little bit of concealer sometimes.

Is make up a thing that I must wear, -no.

But I enjoy wearing it. What's my favourite part about it? Well I love enhancing my eyes. If it's a little bit of mascara or a little bit of eye liner it can work wonders.

Make up doesn't change the person who you are. That's what people think it does. Why would you want to be anyone else than yourself? -there's no one more qualified to be you than yourself :)

"You were born an original.  Don't die a copy."

This quote I found online. I thought it summed what I was trying to say quite well :)

The most important thing is if you are using make up to hide from who you are, you are fooling only yourself.
If we didn't have the sense of sight we'd all see the true beauty that lies within.

Remember "make up" it says it all by it's self......think about it.....

Am I influenced by media and celebrities? To a certain degree. But one thing I've learned.....is to love the body in which I was born in to. Cliche? Yes.
I (as well as many women) have had hang ups about my body image. But no one will ever have the body I have, and no one will ever have my body. I will admit to watching certain shows like "extreme make over" and "the swan" and thought to myself if I had the money what would I get done?

Then I started to watch Gok Wan.........

I heart you.

Watching him help women celebrate who they are and what they look like is the ULTIMATE inspiration to any woman on the earth.

Make up is a hobby of mine...

....the best thing anyone can wear on their face is a smile.
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