15 December 2011

Products of 2011 that I've been loving

Moroccan Oil

Image from www.instyle.com
 I've mentioned this product in a previous post you can read it here
This hair product, I can not tell you how much I love this. Since I started dying my hair blonde (only about 2 years ago) I've noticed the dramatic change in my hair. The tangles. The dryness. The sure impossibility it was to brush my hair with out conditioner.

This "miracle" product helped me with the ends of my hair so they are not so brittle. It helps seal in moisture at the ends of the hair.

Although I love this product, recently when I went to my hairdresser (style club) I noticed that they were selling Moroccan Oil there. And of course I mentioned how much I love the product. I have it just about a year now and I'm only half way through the bottle! (Only one pump needed in my hair)
My hair dresser mentioned that some people have trouble using the product and complaining that the product leaves their hair greasy.

Hell - no! Clearly they are dumping the product on top of their head (right at the roots)
Note: If you intend on using Moroccan Oil or any other oil type hair product.........KEEP IT TO THE ENDS OF YOUR HAIR!! Then you shall fall in love with it darlings.

MAC's mineralise skin finish (natural)

Image from google images

I never thought I could really appreciate a product.
MAC's MSF changed this. It gives great coverage. Beautifully mattifies the face. (Although too much can be a bit cakey).

It's great if you get a shiny forehead (something similar to a disco-ball like myself!). The shades go from light to light / medium to medium to medium / plus to dark and dark plus.

Recently I went in to my local MAC in the airport. The usual shade I get is light / medium. This shade is quite popular in Ireland. Well maybe it's just whenever I go in to buy the product they always seems to be sold out in my shade! I wrote a post recently about MAC discontinuing my shade light / medium you can read it here.

You can also read about the feed back I received from MAC here.

I love this product so much so I even got two friends of mine hooked on to it (Yes Emma, you're one of them!) My favourite way of applying this product is with a kabuki brush, but be careful if you are applying with a kabuki as I noticed that sometimes I can get a little too carried away with it. Currently touching up with a duo fibre.

Urban Decay: Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked palette
Image from the Urban Decay website

Why have I not mentioned this palette before? Well to be honest, there's been soo many people online in the beauty blogging community talking about it. I've tried to avoid bringing it up anytime I go to talk about make up in a post. But I do love this product for obvious reasons.....................because it's amazing. If you aren't big in to make up but would still like a good enough palette that would give you a fantastic look. It cost about €40 euro. The palette I have is the first one and it has a mixture of mattes and shimmers (mainly shimmers). I noticed that I tend to go through periods of just using my naked palette.

But hey it's that good you can get many looks from it.

Recently I travelled over to London and that was the palette I brought with me. I was doing my cousins make up for her 21st and I ended up doing a few of her friends make up as well. All 3 girls had completely different looks. You can achieve a great smokey eye with it, a bronze goddess with it and an enhanced natural beauty look. You can go for as natural as you like or as dramatic. It does for all occassions, especially weddings!

The shadows are highly pigmented abnd just beautiful.
Urban Decay are bringing out the Naked 2 palette out in Janurary in Debenhams.

Urban Decay: Primer Potion (tube)

Urban Decar orginial packaging
Image from google images
The urban decay primer potion for years was made in an unusual shape bottle. I refused to buy a full size one after I used my little sample of it (free with both my alice in wonderland palette and naked palette). The packaging simply annoyed me.
You couldn't possibly get all of the product out of the bottle. I'm sure if you google image primer potion you can see for yourself the amount of product left in the bottle after it's been cut open. (Sure it's a disgrace!)

There might even be a youtube video on it.

So instead of buying the primer potion I opted for Too Faced Shadow insurance. Although this did the job, I found that the product was a little more liquid like. I noticed that you'd have to give it a shake to use it.

Urban Decay Professional Size
Image from google images

Then Urban Decay brought out the tube....professional size. And only avaliable online or in America. Well that was not impressing me one bit. Maybe it was the vibes I was giving off.....or that of thousands of people willing for Urban Decay to put the product in to the tube that they copped on and did it!

Wahey!! Woop woop! Off to Urban Decay, pick up product, pay, go home, and play!!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Image from google images
This product is great. I have very oily eye lids. And I never knew about primers (ah the days before I got in to make up with my very obivious crease line) -scarlet for my ma for having me ha!
So handy and I get to make sure I get every little bit of out the tube.

I've blogged about primers before you can read here

What beauty products have you been loving this year?
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