05 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

Today is the 5th of December.

20 days left till Christmas day!

Am I excited?


Where am I going shopping for presents?

Well my first call of duty was Boots & Body Shop & Lush!

I get soo excited at the thoughts of Christmas shopping in those shops! Why? Because I get carried away! Friday the 25th of November I went in to The Body Shop on Henry Street and took full advantage of their 30% off

All thanks to reading a blog post by cornflakegirlsmusings I made sure I was near a Body Shop. If I wasn't going to go to town I would have to have made my way to Swords.

Lush is really good for pre-made up packages for Christmas. They are already wrapped (always in nice paper) and they show what's inside the present. (But I like to cut that off and keep it as a surprise for who ever receives it.)

But online alternative for shopping for cosmetics have also enticed me to look at some items online.






Why do I like these sites? Well number 1, they both accept laser card. Number 2, they have fabulous products.

Cloud10 sells:
  • Sigma brush sets
  • Sleek palettes
  • Handmade Soap Company
  • It even has a little Christmas tab in the top right hand corner
  • It has a tab "For Him" (left hand side)
Beauty Emporium sells:
  • Too faced
  • OPI
  • Sleek products (lashes, palettes, liners, lip sticks, pencils, glosses, lip tars)
  • Few Urban Decay products
  • EOS lip balm (egg shaped)
  • NYX
  • It also has a little Christmas tab
Millies sells:
  • Ardell lashes
  • Tweezerman
  • Yankee Candles
  • High-end Skin products
  • Has a "men" tab left hand side.
  • GHD's and GHD products (inculding hair dryer)
  • Macadamia Oil
  • OPI
Some products not avaliable in shops in Ireland. Don't you love buying something knowing that you can't just wonder into any aul shop and buy it?

Another website (non beauty related) I had a look at was http://hairybaby.com/ . I bought a few things from this website, slightly expensive? Yes. But to know that these organic clothing products are not being made in sweat shops is a good thing. The "Hairy Baby" company is located in Cork. It takes 7 working days to process. (I purchased products on the 28th of November so a week ago today.

I'm looking forward to getting my products (especially my "dia duit" tee for myself, a little bit of Christmas shopping for myself!
Image from the email I received from HairyBaby company
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