07 November 2011

Me and my lazy nails....

Hello again guys!

Thought I'd update ya on my nails..........they aren't really any different. I did 2 coats of the OPI nail envy stuff.

Maybe I should remove it  (yes some has chipped away), and do another 2 coats?
Maybe a top coat on top of the 2 coats?

The temptation to try another nail strengthener on my other hand is bugging me, and to test them out against each other. What dya think?

I know a photo would be quite useful to see how my nails look like, but sure maybe we'll just do a before and after post when I think I'm "done".

Must try to involve cuticle oil in to hand routine, (especially at night just before bed, I'm less likely going to wash it off in my sleep ha!)

hope you are all doing well ;)
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