16 November 2011

Reply from MAC about MSF

Well I heard back from MAC in regards to MSF

Here's the e-mail:

e-mail from MAC's customer care department
 So it looks like they could be reformulating the product?

09 November 2011

Distraught at the thought of my favourite product being discontinued...

It has happened........

I fell in love with a product....

Now they are discontinuing my shade.

What is it you ask?

Well it's MAC's Mineralise Skin Finish in the shade light/medium.
I'm quite pale. Well not ginger pale. But pale. I thought the shade light was a tad too pale for me. Although I had medium before, I preferred to use the medium shade one for nights out and my light medium for the day time.

Do you know the way you use products because they simply just "do the job", but not only that put I genuinely really loved that product + shade combo.

I ended up purchasing the shade medium. It's not too dark but it's not my shade: light medium!

(insert a GOD-DAMMIT!!!)

The thought has come across my mind though.............maybe they renamed it to "light plus"
Is this possible?? I've mailed MAC throught their website and I await to hear from them.

Here's a link to the product on the MAC website .
Will update you when I hear more information!


MACs MSF light/medium is now light plus.
I bought one a while after I posted this.

07 November 2011

Me and my lazy nails....

Hello again guys!

Thought I'd update ya on my nails..........they aren't really any different. I did 2 coats of the OPI nail envy stuff.

Maybe I should remove it  (yes some has chipped away), and do another 2 coats?
Maybe a top coat on top of the 2 coats?

The temptation to try another nail strengthener on my other hand is bugging me, and to test them out against each other. What dya think?

I know a photo would be quite useful to see how my nails look like, but sure maybe we'll just do a before and after post when I think I'm "done".

Must try to involve cuticle oil in to hand routine, (especially at night just before bed, I'm less likely going to wash it off in my sleep ha!)

hope you are all doing well ;)

03 November 2011

Mini Haulage (yes I said haulage!)

This a post that I saved to drafts and forgot to post...........better late than never I suppose!

A while ago just gone I went (semi) mad in MAC, Dublin Airport and ended up spending €70!! (with an extra 10% discount for staff at the time!)

The first thing that I wanted to get was MAC's mineralize skinfinish in the shade light medium. This is my must have powder. I absolutely LOVE this and is my number one essential product. However, as usual they were sold out of the shade. I have used medium, but maybe it's just me, but I like to use the medium in the morning and touch up with the light medium throughout the day. Also medium would be the one I'd use if I were to wear fake tan (which I hardly ever do...too lazy!).

So I skipped that and proceeded to look at the shade sticks from the "MAC me over collection"
I was interested in the shade Heirloom, but they were sold out of that one.
So I ended up getting Tundra and butternutty. Tundra is an icy silver colour which the MAC girl said would be really nice for a smokey eye. Butternutty is a neutral frosted colour, and could be worn with pretty much any colour I think.

Swatches, Tundra left and Butternutty right.


My eye took hold of a foundation. The new MAC Matchmaster foundation.

According to the maccosmetics website:

"A virtually "invisible" foundation with coverage influenced by your own skin tone. A breakthrough patented formula technology with a spectrum of 14 light to deep dark shades. Discover shade intelligence!"
"New Foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturizing demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line-reducing soft-focus powders."
I don't know about you guys, but this to me sounds good :)

I got the colour 1.5

MAC's Matchmaster in 1.5. The foundation has a slight yellow undertone

So far I've worn it once and a tad too dark, but with some tan it should be grand. So further usage of this will be needed to do a proper post about it if you want (let me know in the comments). So, keep an eye out ladies!!!

Then trying to think of pixiwoo's video of Nic's make up of "The Corpse Bride". I was trying to think of the lipstick that she wore in the video. I just thought it was lovely, so me with my terrible memory I couldn't think of the name so all I could tell the girl was, I know it's pink! So I got the shade Lustering It was the less louder and intense out of the two lip sticks which she showed me.

Lustering Lip stick from MAC
To match the lipstick, I bought 2 lip liners in similar shades to wear underneath to intensify the colour. One from the natural collection and one from rimmel. I've only used the natural collection with it so far and I think it's only garrrrrrjus!!

What do you think?
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