27 October 2011


Do you ever get in to using the same products over and over again? I know I tend to get in to patterns of using the latest products that I start not using other products.

What reminds me of my forgotten products? Well reading a blog post of someones make up look, or if a friend is wearing it and I ask what she is wearing. Then guilt hits me. Now, I know it's not like it's my child that I've neglected. But it's money I've spent on decent products.

I realise that not all my money has gone on products that I love or that I'm happy to work with. We've all bought products that I'm quite disappointed with. But those products that I am happy to use but have been distracted by the latest thing but have fallen to the bottom of the make up bag and are merely swished from side to side while looking for other products.

One example of mine that comes to mind was a Barry M Dazzledust. After reading a blog post on beaut.ie click here for the link I came across the dazzledust number 44, which I do own, but I've failed use on any look within the past few. dare I say it.........months.

(I know bold Cel!!)

It's a lovely copper colour and very pigmented. I'm not a huge fan of pigments the only reason is that I'm quite clumsy as in yes I'm afraid of dropping it all over my clothes/ bed/ desk etc.

Now I consciously want to use this product, let it feel loved.

What products do you love but haven't used in a good while?

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