10 October 2011

Too early to talk about christmas?



Is there a product out there that you are absolutely DYING to try out?

For me it's the Babyliss Big Hair.
Not only have I heard nothing but positive feed back from this product. And not only whenever I see Emma's fab hair after using it does my jealously remind me to infact pick one up myself. But is it something that I should wait till christmas to get? (well receive)

Every Christmas, in  my house, we struggle to think of things to buy. 2 christmases ago I ended up buying my own presents and having people give me the money.

Last year I made a "wish list" and people could pick and choose what they wanted to get me. I even inserted a picture or two. (Having brothers, and due to the fact them being males visuals are best, especially when you ask for the "naked palette" and the looks I got.... and trying to convince them it was a real thing!)

So according to website harveynorman.ie they are retailing this product at €59. Which in my opinon isn't bad. I've looked up enough video's online to see how to use this marvelous invention. It reminds me on that brush that used to be on the tv sale shows that just rotates but you had to use a hairdryer separate.

Anyways, this hair tool is like a must have!! Now, challenge to convince a member of my family to buy it for me. Christmas is now 10/11 weeks away?? Scary isn't it? Time to get thinking about what to buy others! Suppose Star Trek socks again and a shooting game for xBox!

I'll be printing a massive picture of the Babyliss Big Hair as a little hint closer to the time.

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