20 October 2011

Some ideas for Halloween 2011

Everytime of year I'm always quite puzzled as to what to dress up as for Halloween.

The last few years I've dressed up as:

  • Marie Antoinette
  • Greek Goddess of Love
  • (The classic) Witch
This year I want to go a little bit more "out there".

Looking up for some inspirations online. I don't really want to be spending loads of money on costumes that I'm only going to be wearing once or twice (as I've done in the past )

One idea that has struck me is that one that could be of a drag queen.
Thinking of a bit of pritt stick to cover the brows and concealer and exaggerate make up. Big hair, the works.

But then again I'm thinking of a scary Zombie. Youtube tutorials have been most helpful with this. Using the likes of spirit gum and school PVC glue sounds fun, but I think I would like to do a trial go at it. Not only would it be kinda cool, but also cheaper as I would need  to wear/ dirty up and tear up some old clothes and have crazy-ass hair.

There are plenty of make-up looks on yotube. I've enough makeup I think to make me look scary.

Here's some images that could inspire me in my make up looks:



From the film "Shaun of the Dead"
  What do you think you'll do for halloween?

Myself I don't like to dress as a "sexy bumble bee", why may you ask? Well quite simple, stripes aren't flattering on me!
^_^ hee

And I like to challenge myself!!

Wish me luck,
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