05 October 2011

Primer is it essential?

So come on and tell the truth, do you wear a primer for every thing?




Eye lids?

Primers for face? I do own one (prep + prime from MAC) but I hardly ever use it. Recently I bought Rimmels PRO Primer, but to be honest I hardly noticed the difference in using it and not using it.

MAC Prep+prime, Smashbox primer and sample of NARS primer

Lip Primer? I tend to use it once a day if I'm going to be wearing some coloured lippy. I use it at the start and and then touch up the colour of lipstick or gloss with a lipstick or gloss. The only one I own is  the MAC prep + prime one.

Prep+Prim Lip primer

Lashes? Simple, I don't own one and I've never been tempted (so far) to buy one.

Eye lids?
It's weird to think that I never used primer for my lids, but that was wayyyyy  before I knew about primers and paint pots etc. I just thought my lids just couldn't take eye shadow.

Too faced shadow insurance, urban decay primer potion, big bounce shadows, paint pots, shade sticks and even concealer are items that I have used to help keep my eye shadow stay on all day/ night.

So for me, primers for the lids are essential as part of my make up routine. Without them I never would have gotten as much in to make up as I am right now.

And to think it all started with a little paint pot called Bare Study...

MAC studio sculpt concealer in NW20 and bourjois healthy mix concealer

Big bounce shadows in Luxury touch and Black Diamond

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion x2, and Metaliglow by Faces cosmetics

Paint pots Bare Study and Let Me Pop
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