08 October 2011


It's something that I'm sure some people wouldn't think of to be an important part of a beauty product.

One thing for me that I find slightly annoying (if I wasn't so clumsy) is the packaging of cotton bus (aka: Q-tips!)

The last few packets I've noticed that I constantly drop or knock the container over....resulting in cotton buds flying EVERYWHERE!!!!  The pack I currently have is from the local spar and I've only knocked it over on my desk (thank god) but it's like the simplest movement knocks it over. And I'm convinced that one time I didn't touch it, and that pure breeze knocked it. SWEAR!!!!!


So what alternative have I got?

Sandwich bags. (Or the ones you have to get to put your liquids in when going through the airport)

Once the bag is sealed, if you knock the bag over it won't open and disperse the contents everywhere.

sandwich bag win...... original container you lose

Handy Andy :)

I'm sure you notice I also have my cotton wool wipes in there as well. Well it's big enough for them as well, so why not?
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