22 October 2011

Location, location, location

As the days are getting colder and the struggle to get out of the warmth of my bed gets harder and harder the thoughts of getting up at ungodly hours (thanks shift work!) in the middle of the night, get ready for the day, wash my face, brush my teeth etc. it's becoming to feel impossible to complete this simple task.

Sure the cold is just cutting through ya!
I find myself returning to sit on my bed and having the duvet wrapped around my body as I do make up, (- is it just me that does this?)

Of course that's at the hours of either 4am or 6am. As the day goes on if I'm on a later shift that day I tend to do my make up sitting at my desk in my bedroom while using my No7 illuminated mirror. (Yes, old study desk converted to  desser)
I actually love this thing!!

My routine used to be on my bed facing my window so I could use the natural light, as the lighting in my room is absolutely rubbish!! But the No 7 mirror has changed it all, apart from those icy cold mornings :(

On one side there is a normal mirror, but on the other side (you just flip it over) there is a magnified (x5) mirror, great for tweezing! Currently retailing at €30 in Boots. (Half price from €60)
It gives out good light and I'm very happy with my purchase.

I know some people like to do their make up in the bath room, personally I'm too lazy to bring all my make up from one room to another.

My mum, now she likes to do make up in the kitchen, she places her mirror on the kitchen window to get the best amount of daylight. But again, doing make up in the kitchen is a little weird for me.

Where do you do your make up routine?

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