05 October 2011

A little bit of inspiration

To say I borrowed an idea or stole an idea is completely exggerated. I was just simply inspired by another blogger/youtuber. It was to do with make up storage. Siobhan from Letz Make Up it was a piece of furniture from Ikea.

The reason why I bought this piece of furniture was because my make up was simply taking over my desk in my bed room. There just was no room for me to do make up! So...
I went to Ikea on my day off (Monday) and amoungst buying unneccessary things like candles (vanilla fragrance) I bought drawer organisers for my drawers and then I found my chest of drawers retailing at €89!! (a bit expensive but worth it me thinks ;) hee)


On the above blog post there is a video and in it the "skinny" chest of drawers is featured. When I went to get it on my own in the self service area.....I couldn't lift the flat pack. :( I've hurt my back before so I wasn't willing to force myself in to attempting to lift the box and put it in the trolley. (And there was a sign for HEAVY, and it advised for 2 people to lift the boxm, 25kgs+)

So with the help of my dad I returned on Saturday!

Now the reason (that I must justify to myself) is that I need more drawer space for clothes. But the top two drawers to too slim to fit more than a t-shirt...s the top two slim drawers will hold eye products. I've split the products and they just about fit in to the dividers that I got (the same one as in Siobhan's video!)


Here's what the drawer organisers look like:

Here's what mine looks like:

Just fits!

First slim drawer
Second slim drawer

First deep drawer, palettes, foundations and hair products
 The other two deep drawers is just for extra space for clothes :)

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