24 October 2011

Halloween trial 2011

Well I'm sure you've guessed what this post is about. Sorry about the crap photo (taken on my phone)


Let me eat your brains!!
So what did I use?

School glue
Pritt Stick
Concealer (tried a couple, No7, bourjois healthy mix, MAC pro longwear)
Loo roll (toilet roll)
Estee Lauder Maximum coverage foundation (colour light)
Some brown eye shadows (mixture from a boots palette I received for Christmas one year)
MAC's black track gel liner
Black eye shadow (brand 17)
Black pigment (faces cosmetics)
Bronzer (inglot)
Some fake blood (got in the local EuroSpar)
Talcum powder (to set the foundation)

One thing I will say I've learned from this is that fake blood drips ALOT
So don't wear white guys....seriously (if for practise)

I also put a bit of dry shampoo in my hair and back combed it a little.

Have a good and safe Halloween guys

P.S: Note to self.........too much black around the eyes. Try a dark brown maybe instead......blend more

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