30 October 2011

Zombie 2011

Hey guys,

just thought I'd share with you my picture of my make up I did last night for a friends house party (of course Halloween, so fancy dressed!!)

Did my Zombie look:

Me as Zombie :)
I ripped up some old clothes and smeared some fake blood on them.

Even coincidently got some in my hair!

27 October 2011

Mission: to get nice strong nails!

The history of my nails is not one that is exciting........like at all.

I find they break easily and they peel just as quickly as they break.
I've bought strengthing base coats for nails but I tend to only use them when I actually apply nail polish. I'm not one for touching up nail polish at the first sign of chipping, normally the polish just comes off. Infact I own alot of nail polishes but don't use them as much as I should.

Where I work the dress code is quite strict.  No over the top hair colour/styles. If one wishes to wear nail polish they are to wear red nail polish. Sure I only own one red polish and I've a thing for purple and teal polishes.

I rarely paint my toe nails, but that's because they aren't really ever on show. Coming in to winter also means that my feet shall remain within closed toe foot wear. Heels, boots, cons, runners etc.

But one thing I do want, is to make my nails stronger. Therefore out shall come the nail strengthener in the form of OPI's Nail Envy.

I'm going to be honest here. I have this stuff, used it a couple of times. But not enough to say whether or not if it's good. Normally use it as a base, but I think it's time I give it a proper go.

Hopefully I'll have good strong nails like my mum!


Do you ever get in to using the same products over and over again? I know I tend to get in to patterns of using the latest products that I start not using other products.

What reminds me of my forgotten products? Well reading a blog post of someones make up look, or if a friend is wearing it and I ask what she is wearing. Then guilt hits me. Now, I know it's not like it's my child that I've neglected. But it's money I've spent on decent products.

I realise that not all my money has gone on products that I love or that I'm happy to work with. We've all bought products that I'm quite disappointed with. But those products that I am happy to use but have been distracted by the latest thing but have fallen to the bottom of the make up bag and are merely swished from side to side while looking for other products.

One example of mine that comes to mind was a Barry M Dazzledust. After reading a blog post on beaut.ie click here for the link I came across the dazzledust number 44, which I do own, but I've failed use on any look within the past few. dare I say it.........months.

(I know bold Cel!!)

It's a lovely copper colour and very pigmented. I'm not a huge fan of pigments the only reason is that I'm quite clumsy as in yes I'm afraid of dropping it all over my clothes/ bed/ desk etc.

Now I consciously want to use this product, let it feel loved.

What products do you love but haven't used in a good while?

24 October 2011

Halloween trial 2011

Well I'm sure you've guessed what this post is about. Sorry about the crap photo (taken on my phone)


Let me eat your brains!!
So what did I use?

School glue
Pritt Stick
Concealer (tried a couple, No7, bourjois healthy mix, MAC pro longwear)
Loo roll (toilet roll)
Estee Lauder Maximum coverage foundation (colour light)
Some brown eye shadows (mixture from a boots palette I received for Christmas one year)
MAC's black track gel liner
Black eye shadow (brand 17)
Black pigment (faces cosmetics)
Bronzer (inglot)
Some fake blood (got in the local EuroSpar)
Talcum powder (to set the foundation)

One thing I will say I've learned from this is that fake blood drips ALOT
So don't wear white guys....seriously (if for practise)

I also put a bit of dry shampoo in my hair and back combed it a little.

Have a good and safe Halloween guys

P.S: Note to self.........too much black around the eyes. Try a dark brown maybe instead......blend more

22 October 2011

Location, location, location

As the days are getting colder and the struggle to get out of the warmth of my bed gets harder and harder the thoughts of getting up at ungodly hours (thanks shift work!) in the middle of the night, get ready for the day, wash my face, brush my teeth etc. it's becoming to feel impossible to complete this simple task.

Sure the cold is just cutting through ya!
I find myself returning to sit on my bed and having the duvet wrapped around my body as I do make up, (- is it just me that does this?)

Of course that's at the hours of either 4am or 6am. As the day goes on if I'm on a later shift that day I tend to do my make up sitting at my desk in my bedroom while using my No7 illuminated mirror. (Yes, old study desk converted to  desser)
I actually love this thing!!

My routine used to be on my bed facing my window so I could use the natural light, as the lighting in my room is absolutely rubbish!! But the No 7 mirror has changed it all, apart from those icy cold mornings :(

On one side there is a normal mirror, but on the other side (you just flip it over) there is a magnified (x5) mirror, great for tweezing! Currently retailing at €30 in Boots. (Half price from €60)
It gives out good light and I'm very happy with my purchase.

I know some people like to do their make up in the bath room, personally I'm too lazy to bring all my make up from one room to another.

My mum, now she likes to do make up in the kitchen, she places her mirror on the kitchen window to get the best amount of daylight. But again, doing make up in the kitchen is a little weird for me.

Where do you do your make up routine?

20 October 2011

Some ideas for Halloween 2011

Everytime of year I'm always quite puzzled as to what to dress up as for Halloween.

The last few years I've dressed up as:

  • Marie Antoinette
  • Greek Goddess of Love
  • (The classic) Witch
This year I want to go a little bit more "out there".

Looking up for some inspirations online. I don't really want to be spending loads of money on costumes that I'm only going to be wearing once or twice (as I've done in the past )

One idea that has struck me is that one that could be of a drag queen.
Thinking of a bit of pritt stick to cover the brows and concealer and exaggerate make up. Big hair, the works.

But then again I'm thinking of a scary Zombie. Youtube tutorials have been most helpful with this. Using the likes of spirit gum and school PVC glue sounds fun, but I think I would like to do a trial go at it. Not only would it be kinda cool, but also cheaper as I would need  to wear/ dirty up and tear up some old clothes and have crazy-ass hair.

There are plenty of make-up looks on yotube. I've enough makeup I think to make me look scary.

Here's some images that could inspire me in my make up looks:



From the film "Shaun of the Dead"
  What do you think you'll do for halloween?

Myself I don't like to dress as a "sexy bumble bee", why may you ask? Well quite simple, stripes aren't flattering on me!
^_^ hee

And I like to challenge myself!!

Wish me luck,

14 October 2011


Last night I went to my first aerobics class in the next towns community centre.

It's pretty tough given that I don't have an ounce of rhythm in my body! Stepping on the board out of sequence. Not listening to the instructor and just listening to the music (slightly singing along to!) wasn't helping either.

Roaring red cheeks and a jelly like legs was what got at the end of the class.

It was hard to get the routine down and as soon as I got the hang of it we were on to another movement to add to the complication. There's nothing more embarassing than having a woman in her 60's (yes 60's) doing waaaay better than me at the class.

It's not the first time a woman with at least 30 years senior was kicking my ass at a fitness class.
Boot camp hell that class was.

I try to get out walking the dogs at least but it's not really working up a sweat for me. I know I'm totally unfit so this is my attempt at getting some what fit. In work I'm currently sitting on my rear-end for up to 12 hours at a time! (and we all know it's only going to get bigger!)

I'm typing this as I'm munching on a cold slice of toast.....(do you see what's happening?)

Yes, I'm in agony, but it's good to get moving.
What do you do to try to keep fit?

10 October 2011

Too early to talk about christmas?



Is there a product out there that you are absolutely DYING to try out?

For me it's the Babyliss Big Hair.
Not only have I heard nothing but positive feed back from this product. And not only whenever I see Emma's fab hair after using it does my jealously remind me to infact pick one up myself. But is it something that I should wait till christmas to get? (well receive)

Every Christmas, in  my house, we struggle to think of things to buy. 2 christmases ago I ended up buying my own presents and having people give me the money.

Last year I made a "wish list" and people could pick and choose what they wanted to get me. I even inserted a picture or two. (Having brothers, and due to the fact them being males visuals are best, especially when you ask for the "naked palette" and the looks I got.... and trying to convince them it was a real thing!)

So according to website harveynorman.ie they are retailing this product at €59. Which in my opinon isn't bad. I've looked up enough video's online to see how to use this marvelous invention. It reminds me on that brush that used to be on the tv sale shows that just rotates but you had to use a hairdryer separate.

Anyways, this hair tool is like a must have!! Now, challenge to convince a member of my family to buy it for me. Christmas is now 10/11 weeks away?? Scary isn't it? Time to get thinking about what to buy others! Suppose Star Trek socks again and a shooting game for xBox!

I'll be printing a massive picture of the Babyliss Big Hair as a little hint closer to the time.


Calling all beauty buffs.......this is an sos!!!!

We are starting 12 hour shifts in an air conditioned,florescent light hell!!!

What i want to know from all you beautiful people is...................................

What you use to ensure your make up doesnt look like a 99 ice cream on a hot day????

08 October 2011


It's something that I'm sure some people wouldn't think of to be an important part of a beauty product.

One thing for me that I find slightly annoying (if I wasn't so clumsy) is the packaging of cotton bus (aka: Q-tips!)

The last few packets I've noticed that I constantly drop or knock the container over....resulting in cotton buds flying EVERYWHERE!!!!  The pack I currently have is from the local spar and I've only knocked it over on my desk (thank god) but it's like the simplest movement knocks it over. And I'm convinced that one time I didn't touch it, and that pure breeze knocked it. SWEAR!!!!!


So what alternative have I got?

Sandwich bags. (Or the ones you have to get to put your liquids in when going through the airport)

Once the bag is sealed, if you knock the bag over it won't open and disperse the contents everywhere.

sandwich bag win...... original container you lose

Handy Andy :)

I'm sure you notice I also have my cotton wool wipes in there as well. Well it's big enough for them as well, so why not?

05 October 2011

A little bit of inspiration

To say I borrowed an idea or stole an idea is completely exggerated. I was just simply inspired by another blogger/youtuber. It was to do with make up storage. Siobhan from Letz Make Up it was a piece of furniture from Ikea.

The reason why I bought this piece of furniture was because my make up was simply taking over my desk in my bed room. There just was no room for me to do make up! So...
I went to Ikea on my day off (Monday) and amoungst buying unneccessary things like candles (vanilla fragrance) I bought drawer organisers for my drawers and then I found my chest of drawers retailing at €89!! (a bit expensive but worth it me thinks ;) hee)


On the above blog post there is a video and in it the "skinny" chest of drawers is featured. When I went to get it on my own in the self service area.....I couldn't lift the flat pack. :( I've hurt my back before so I wasn't willing to force myself in to attempting to lift the box and put it in the trolley. (And there was a sign for HEAVY, and it advised for 2 people to lift the boxm, 25kgs+)

So with the help of my dad I returned on Saturday!

Now the reason (that I must justify to myself) is that I need more drawer space for clothes. But the top two drawers to too slim to fit more than a t-shirt...s the top two slim drawers will hold eye products. I've split the products and they just about fit in to the dividers that I got (the same one as in Siobhan's video!)


Here's what the drawer organisers look like:

Here's what mine looks like:

Just fits!

First slim drawer
Second slim drawer

First deep drawer, palettes, foundations and hair products
 The other two deep drawers is just for extra space for clothes :)

Primer is it essential?

So come on and tell the truth, do you wear a primer for every thing?




Eye lids?

Primers for face? I do own one (prep + prime from MAC) but I hardly ever use it. Recently I bought Rimmels PRO Primer, but to be honest I hardly noticed the difference in using it and not using it.

MAC Prep+prime, Smashbox primer and sample of NARS primer

Lip Primer? I tend to use it once a day if I'm going to be wearing some coloured lippy. I use it at the start and and then touch up the colour of lipstick or gloss with a lipstick or gloss. The only one I own is  the MAC prep + prime one.

Prep+Prim Lip primer

Lashes? Simple, I don't own one and I've never been tempted (so far) to buy one.

Eye lids?
It's weird to think that I never used primer for my lids, but that was wayyyyy  before I knew about primers and paint pots etc. I just thought my lids just couldn't take eye shadow.

Too faced shadow insurance, urban decay primer potion, big bounce shadows, paint pots, shade sticks and even concealer are items that I have used to help keep my eye shadow stay on all day/ night.

So for me, primers for the lids are essential as part of my make up routine. Without them I never would have gotten as much in to make up as I am right now.

And to think it all started with a little paint pot called Bare Study...

MAC studio sculpt concealer in NW20 and bourjois healthy mix concealer

Big bounce shadows in Luxury touch and Black Diamond

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion x2, and Metaliglow by Faces cosmetics

Paint pots Bare Study and Let Me Pop
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