17 August 2011

Confused with sizes? me too!!

I was looking through my wardrobe earlier, and I noticed that (as I'm sure many of you have), is that I have many clothes in all different sizes!
Living in Ireland my guide is the UK size. I have a range of clothing from 14-12 and one lucky dress of size 10!! (But it was from Penney's and I really don't rely on their labels!)
However, one thing I noticed is that the European size is most of the time the same! (How can this be?)

An example I have two dresses, one from Dorothy Perkins and one from H&M. The Dorothy Perkins dress is UK size 12 but European size 40. The H&M dress was UK 14 but European 40!

So reference to another dress I got a while ago in Debenhams, UK size 14 but European size 42! (this dress is a little big on me now, kind of sad because I actually loved that dress)


So is it now time to refer to European sizes?
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