16 July 2011

Challenge I've set myself

My best friend LOVES Rimmels Recover foundation. (I introduced her to the product a couple of years ago) and now she's found it very hard to find it. Nothing in the local pharmacies that actually stock Rimmel products. She bought the "stay matt" foundation but isn't a fan of it.

So a "mini-mission" I've set is to find a good dupe for it that's easy to get. (She now has to go in to Boots in Jervis for this specific foundation and apparently there were only 3 left in her shade last time she was there!!)
The reason why she loves this product is because it's so light as she hates to be over done.
It does give a nice slight glow to her skin I think!

I have a feeling that it may be Rimmels way of discontinuing the product..... :(

I think Revlons PhotoReady may be a good choice for her. I'll get my hands on a sample pot and fill it up and give it to her and see how she feels about it.
I love this foundation already and it could be a good choice for her.

Love Beaut.ie

Seen this FAB competition on Beaut.ie and I happen to be off work for those two days.!!!
Sharing the love..........
Wish me luck!!!

WIN! A Place on a 2 Day Intense Kate and Cassie Makeup Academy Course! (On Beaut.ie)

 Check it out if you haven't!

05 July 2011

As if I really needed it.......

Yes, I bought it.
Did I need it?


But I wanted it more than I needed it....

My hair will love me for it (I hope).
Bought bottles in the Blow Dry Bar in Terminal 2, Dublin Airport. (About 20 euro each woops!)
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