24 April 2011

The only reason I pop in to T-K-Maxx

Normally I can't stand TK Maxx. I just don't like the layout of the shop. Everything is badly organised.

I can not argue with the prices of their products. Especially their hair care. Getting brands like TIGI and saving up to 15euro?

I was in a TK Maxx about a week ago with my mum (she was looking for hand bag), and I wondered over to the (very small) hair care section. Now, given that I was in shop where before I've noticed alot of the products tend to be already opened, and one bottle which I picked up had product dripping down the sides of the container.

But anyway, let's get to what did I actually purchase!
Natures Response Shampoo (for coloured hair)

Now, I never heard about this product, so I did a quick look up on it.
Natures Response Shampoo contains Shea Butter which is moisturising and protective and helps to smooth and give shine to the hair. Also contains Sweet Almond Oil which is moisturising and has anti-irritant properties.
(It also smells lovely!)
TIGI Bed Head, Super Star Conditioner
If you tend to not want flat hair, this is a must!
Helps prevent breakage, and gives your hair a lovely bounce, like a superstar!

Now how much did these cost me? Well both were just under a tenner each! Now to some people €10 on a shampoo is alot, but the RRP for the shampoo was €25, and if you were to buy these products in a salon they could charge you even more for it.

I like to make sure I'm using good quality shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Since going blonde my hair has dried out an awful lot and has been damaged. So I don't mind spending a little extra on it.

So over all I saved over €15, and it will last me a while, (well the shampoo certainly will!) The conditioner? well it's hard to say how good it is as I've started using a mask in my hair, so is it the mask or the conditioner that's making my hair nicer? (maybe a combination of the two!)

So TKK Maxx, my new go-to for shampoo and hair care! (good luck having a root people!)
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