27 April 2011

Maybe she's born with it?

Yes, you've guessed it. Maybelline!
I've bought their gel liner and now it's time to try it out!

I've been wanting to try out a drugstore brand gel eyeliner. When I couldn't get the No7 one in the tiny boots that I was in I found this, so I bought it today in Boots (€11.99).

I already own MAC's fluidline in BlackTrack and I do like it a lot, but it's always good to know what cheaper alternatives there are out there. Something that's more purse friendly!

Hoping to try it out tomorrow, or maybe over the next few days. Will let you know how I get on!

One gel liner I would love to try out though is L'Oreal's hip liner. Does anyone know if they are bringing that "hip" range to Ireland?

I e-mailed L'Oreal's Customer Advice to find out. Will let you know what response I get (if I get any) as soon as I receive it! 


E-mail response:

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