09 April 2011

3 week manicure!

Yes i can hear you now...3 WEEKS??? Its true! Let me set the scene,Celeste and i were in town shopping(well in lemon eating toasty cheese sandwiches and pancakes) and i had a bright idea of getting our nails done. Now were in the middle of grafton street and im trying to think about where the nearest nail bar is....lightbulb...theres a nail bar in Brown Thomas! So up to level 2(i think) and hey presto....Nails inc! So we sit down and the 3 WEEK manicure began! Let me warn you now,its not cheap(about 75euros) and its an extra 25euro to get your cuticles sorted! There is huge range of colours to choose from,i picked a bright summery pink! It starts with a clear base coat and two layers of colour and then a layer of clear gel! What i loved about this is that the gel they use is bees wax based rather than the nasty plastics other 2 week manicures use! All in all i think it took around 45 minutes to have done. I loved the end result,shiny vibrant colour that was totally dry! Allowing us to get more shopping done!! The only thing you have to do yourself is,once a week you rub over your nails with an ACETONE FREE nail varnish remover and reapply a clear top coat...it takes 5 minutes!! So we are now into the end of the SECOND week and its still shiny vibrant and chip free. Do expect some growth which causes a gap between your cuticle and the gel! But trust me youll be so happy! My nails havent broken in two weeks! Its a miricale!!!!! My advice is to choose your colour wisely! Youll have it for 3 weeks! But you can paint over your gel just remember ACETONE FREE nail polish remover! I will post a picture when i get them re done next week! Thank you Nails Inc!!!! xxxx
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