29 April 2011

€10 on Smashbox Products? Yes please!

In my local chemist they sell the make up brand Smashbox.

I've bought a few things from the brand before and I like only a couple of things about them. Only ever tried 1 foundation and I really didn't like that. Their eye shadows colour range isn't the greatest. But I LOVE a bargin (well who doesn't?) and I'm willing to try out other products from their range.

So when I got home from work, my mum informed me that my local chemist is selling certain products in smashbox for €10 each! Queue run up stairs out of uniform and quickly walking over to the shop.

So how much do I like rummaging around baskets for make-up? Quite a lot actually...

Ended up getting 5 things! (When my mum was over she got me one thing, so I have 6 products to show)

Got a primer, blush, lipstick, creamy eye liner, lip gloss and a compact anti-shine -(i honestly don't know why I go this)

Regal Huh? Nice name, since it was The Royal Wedding today! 
Really loving this colour :)
My mum actually bought me this, (she bought one for herself aswell)
I'm not normally a huge fans of primers for my face, but I'll try it out sure!

I really have to get used to putting liner on with a brush, practise makes perfect!
....And it's not sticky!!!
Seriously don't know why I bought this.
I tried to use it as a touch up and it simply took away my make up! poo:(

 For the few products that didn't have the original price sticker on them I'm sure you could probably give a guess has to how much they are.

And, I'm sure you may have guessed also that these products have been around for a while. (the fall 2009 blush is a big hint!) They were trying to get rid of stock so they could get some of the newer stuff in.

 But I'm liking the idea of having saved some money! (It really annoys me if I buy something and then a while later I see it a hell of a lot cheaper. So I shall try to be more sensible with my money in the future. I'm sure you're saying, "Ha, yeah right!" But God does lover a trier, right?)
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