29 April 2011

€10 on Smashbox Products? Yes please!

In my local chemist they sell the make up brand Smashbox.

I've bought a few things from the brand before and I like only a couple of things about them. Only ever tried 1 foundation and I really didn't like that. Their eye shadows colour range isn't the greatest. But I LOVE a bargin (well who doesn't?) and I'm willing to try out other products from their range.

So when I got home from work, my mum informed me that my local chemist is selling certain products in smashbox for €10 each! Queue run up stairs out of uniform and quickly walking over to the shop.

So how much do I like rummaging around baskets for make-up? Quite a lot actually...

Ended up getting 5 things! (When my mum was over she got me one thing, so I have 6 products to show)

Got a primer, blush, lipstick, creamy eye liner, lip gloss and a compact anti-shine -(i honestly don't know why I go this)

Regal Huh? Nice name, since it was The Royal Wedding today! 
Really loving this colour :)
My mum actually bought me this, (she bought one for herself aswell)
I'm not normally a huge fans of primers for my face, but I'll try it out sure!

I really have to get used to putting liner on with a brush, practise makes perfect!
....And it's not sticky!!!
Seriously don't know why I bought this.
I tried to use it as a touch up and it simply took away my make up! poo:(

 For the few products that didn't have the original price sticker on them I'm sure you could probably give a guess has to how much they are.

And, I'm sure you may have guessed also that these products have been around for a while. (the fall 2009 blush is a big hint!) They were trying to get rid of stock so they could get some of the newer stuff in.

 But I'm liking the idea of having saved some money! (It really annoys me if I buy something and then a while later I see it a hell of a lot cheaper. So I shall try to be more sensible with my money in the future. I'm sure you're saying, "Ha, yeah right!" But God does lover a trier, right?)

27 April 2011

Maybe she's born with it?

Yes, you've guessed it. Maybelline!
I've bought their gel liner and now it's time to try it out!

I've been wanting to try out a drugstore brand gel eyeliner. When I couldn't get the No7 one in the tiny boots that I was in I found this, so I bought it today in Boots (€11.99).

I already own MAC's fluidline in BlackTrack and I do like it a lot, but it's always good to know what cheaper alternatives there are out there. Something that's more purse friendly!

Hoping to try it out tomorrow, or maybe over the next few days. Will let you know how I get on!

One gel liner I would love to try out though is L'Oreal's hip liner. Does anyone know if they are bringing that "hip" range to Ireland?

I e-mailed L'Oreal's Customer Advice to find out. Will let you know what response I get (if I get any) as soon as I receive it! 


E-mail response:

24 April 2011

Dry Shampoo Review

It's not healthy to wash your hair everyday.
Thus the invention of dry shampoo.

I've used dry shampoo before when I used to dye my hair a dark browny/reddy colour and (I think) it just doesn't look right.
Now that my hair is blonde, it's handy to use in between washes. Whenever I use it my hair always looks brighter. (people think I've brightened it). So when I ran out of a tin of the stuff, I had to replace it. (I've used the super drug one which is good and the Batiste tropical one and they were grand. In boots one day though, I came across a new Batiste one designed especially for blonde hair (they also have one for reddy/browny hair).
So, me being me, and loving to try out new products, before I knew it, it was thrown in the basket with my other items and purchased!

So when I used it for the first time. I thought it looked odd in my hair. did the usual, rub it in and then brush it out so it can blend in to my hair. My hair colour is not exactly white-blonde, kinda multi tonal blonde if you will. But it is certainly not yellow.

Well guess what colour this stuff sprays?

Do you see the yellow colour? Yes THAT was all over my head : (
You can see the colour residue on the spray 
That's right, a mustardy yellowy colour.

And the worst part about the whole thing?......I didn't have time to wash it out, as I had to leave for work. I had to have yellow hair for 8 hours. Oh joy... (can you sense the sarcasm?)

I was disappointed with this product.
I even tried it a second time, just to be sure.....
Think I'll stick to the original one.

The only reason I pop in to T-K-Maxx

Normally I can't stand TK Maxx. I just don't like the layout of the shop. Everything is badly organised.

I can not argue with the prices of their products. Especially their hair care. Getting brands like TIGI and saving up to 15euro?

I was in a TK Maxx about a week ago with my mum (she was looking for hand bag), and I wondered over to the (very small) hair care section. Now, given that I was in shop where before I've noticed alot of the products tend to be already opened, and one bottle which I picked up had product dripping down the sides of the container.

But anyway, let's get to what did I actually purchase!
Natures Response Shampoo (for coloured hair)

Now, I never heard about this product, so I did a quick look up on it.
Natures Response Shampoo contains Shea Butter which is moisturising and protective and helps to smooth and give shine to the hair. Also contains Sweet Almond Oil which is moisturising and has anti-irritant properties.
(It also smells lovely!)
TIGI Bed Head, Super Star Conditioner
If you tend to not want flat hair, this is a must!
Helps prevent breakage, and gives your hair a lovely bounce, like a superstar!

Now how much did these cost me? Well both were just under a tenner each! Now to some people €10 on a shampoo is alot, but the RRP for the shampoo was €25, and if you were to buy these products in a salon they could charge you even more for it.

I like to make sure I'm using good quality shampoo and conditioner for my hair. Since going blonde my hair has dried out an awful lot and has been damaged. So I don't mind spending a little extra on it.

So over all I saved over €15, and it will last me a while, (well the shampoo certainly will!) The conditioner? well it's hard to say how good it is as I've started using a mask in my hair, so is it the mask or the conditioner that's making my hair nicer? (maybe a combination of the two!)

So TKK Maxx, my new go-to for shampoo and hair care! (good luck having a root people!)

09 April 2011

3 week manicure!

Yes i can hear you now...3 WEEKS??? Its true! Let me set the scene,Celeste and i were in town shopping(well in lemon eating toasty cheese sandwiches and pancakes) and i had a bright idea of getting our nails done. Now were in the middle of grafton street and im trying to think about where the nearest nail bar is....lightbulb...theres a nail bar in Brown Thomas! So up to level 2(i think) and hey presto....Nails inc! So we sit down and the 3 WEEK manicure began! Let me warn you now,its not cheap(about 75euros) and its an extra 25euro to get your cuticles sorted! There is huge range of colours to choose from,i picked a bright summery pink! It starts with a clear base coat and two layers of colour and then a layer of clear gel! What i loved about this is that the gel they use is bees wax based rather than the nasty plastics other 2 week manicures use! All in all i think it took around 45 minutes to have done. I loved the end result,shiny vibrant colour that was totally dry! Allowing us to get more shopping done!! The only thing you have to do yourself is,once a week you rub over your nails with an ACETONE FREE nail varnish remover and reapply a clear top coat...it takes 5 minutes!! So we are now into the end of the SECOND week and its still shiny vibrant and chip free. Do expect some growth which causes a gap between your cuticle and the gel! But trust me youll be so happy! My nails havent broken in two weeks! Its a miricale!!!!! My advice is to choose your colour wisely! Youll have it for 3 weeks! But you can paint over your gel just remember ACETONE FREE nail polish remover! I will post a picture when i get them re done next week! Thank you Nails Inc!!!! xxxx
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