27 March 2011

PB Bags

PB? Yes, Paul's Boutique!

Expensive? Slightly! But I will admit, I really do love these bags. However I do only like a certain few! Some can be a wee bit over the top, in regards to colours etc. Some look a bit....tacky and dare I say it, cheap?

However the one's that I've bought so far (over the last couple of months) I think aren't tacky/ chavvy!

Sure here's a picture of the ones which I love! (Yes, love!)
Gracie Bag
Purchased in BT2 Dublin

The interior of both bags are leopard print.

The Gracie bag was my first purchase. This a great bag if you love to hoard around a lot of stuff with you. However, obviously if you want to find your keys quickly, it may take you about 3 mins....everything just gets messed up in your bag. It doesn't matter how orderly you place things in, you will have to root root root! There is no structure to the bag and to me it is in the shape of a ball and everything just gets rolled around....

Maisy Bag
Exclusive To ASOS Diamond Dollar Embossed
Purchased on ASOS.com

The Maisy bag, wow.....I really to love this bag. It comes with a long strap which you can wear. I wore it for a while but then I realised it looked silly! So I unhooked it!
On the bag  at the back there is a little zip for a little compartment. (very handy)
The bag over all I  think just looks good. I can fit it up to my shoulder (which is shocking, given that I have bingo wings) but it sits comfortably on the inside of my elbow. (I so feel like a W.A.G. when wearing big sun glasses and having bag on elbow....how sad!)
It's great how the structure is more sturdy, and if you put a book in it, it won't get bashed around the bag.

But I would like to add to my collection....(as if i need to)

But what have I been looking at lately?
Oh dear....

I have been scoping out some more bags....

Betty Bag

Molly Bag

And you know what? I REALLY REALLY want both.....BUT if I had to pick one....it would be the Molly bag. (Typical me, liking the more expensive bag!)

Now I'm sure you've noticed. I prefer the black bags. Well there's a simple explanation to that. I want to be able to wear the bags, with any outfit! (multi-event if you will)


What PB bags do you like/love/ hate?
Or just what bags?
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