26 January 2011

Lancômes Teint Idole Ultra

Not long ago I bought Lancômes foundation Teint Idole Ultra.
Here's what I  thought of it:

To be honest the only reason why I wanted to try it out, was because I remember a girl from college was using a foundation by Lancome and she seemed to like it. It looked well on her skin and seemed to give a flawless finish. So me being me (a couple of years later) I decided to try one out for myself. While browsing around the makeup shop with Emma I desperately wanted to find one that would not only suit my skin type but also my skin tone. There wasn't a great variety of shades of foundations in the shop, so I settled for trying this one out. The shade I got the colour in was 010 (believed to be the lightest shade there as I'm quite pale!)

I've tried it out a couple of times and today I put it on super quickly using my finger tips (just before bringing my 3 pugs down to the beach) and I didn't get a chance to sweep a bit of powder over it. Now at the moment I have it on only about 3 hours, but I can already see that due to the fact that a light layer of it is certainly not enough. Best way to use this product its with a stippling brush, to give it an "air brush" effect. One good thing which I do love about it is, it has a slightly matte finish (which isn't over powering) and to touch your face for me it feels really soft and smooth.

Now I have a slightly dry nose and looking in a mirror I feel like it nearly highlights the dry patch. (I tend to get a dry nose every so often  which means I need to exfoliate, which I'll do before bed tonight :)) Looking at the website Lancome.co.uk it says that it suits all skin types. I wouldn't recommend this foundation to anyone with really dry skin and it will highlight the one thing you don't want it to -any dry patches

So, overall I really like this foundation, except when I have a dry nose! The coverage? Well it depends on how much you put on. I believe it is foundation that you can  keep adding on the areas that you need it most. 
Good Luck with it if you are going to try it out!

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