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01 September 2014

Video | Girl Reacts to Hair Pin

Hi guys, I was away on holidays driving around Europe and I filmed some of the "scary" driving bits. Thought it would be something you might like to have a giggle and watch it X

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

08 August 2014

I'm torn | Cleansing Brushes

There's been a huge hype about cleansing brushes. I first got my manual brush from a friend (from the Body Shop) as part of a gift for Christmas many moons ago. First I didn't know much about it, but she raved on about how deadly it was. It was one of those things that I used "every so often" when I first got it but then I really got into using it as part of my routine.

28 June 2014

Tips | Fair Skinned Ladies

Coming from a country where we majority of us girls are fair skinned we can get it right - or quite wrong. We have to know what is the best for our skin tone from skin care to make up. Here's some inspirational make up looks below.

26 June 2014

Video : Body Care | What products do I like to use?

Body Care

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